A game for every letter of the alphabet.

A friend if mine did an experiment a couple of years ago. He only listened to music from musicians and bands starting with the same letter for a month. Starting with “A” going all the way to “Ö”, which is the last letter of the swedish alphabet.

The first and last letters of the alphabet

I wass thinking about doing something similar, but alot different. Trying to play a new game from every letter instead of playing only from that letter each month.

Every other week I will ask my followers on Instagram what game they think I should play. Of course it has to be a game that I can get a hold of. And hopefully something new. I was thinking at first which game and then from that list ask again and the one with most votes is thr game that I will play.

Hopefully this will be a fun little thing that people will like. I might find a real gold nugget and maybe someone who sees it will find one too.

This is atleast the goal.

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