I am trying to learn my ABC:s in board games. For me that means that I, on my instagram, will ask people for their favorite games on a specific letter. I call it #alphabeticalboardgaming

So far I have done A,B and C.

A is for Arkham Horror the Card Game. And it went superbly! Well not playing the game… but in enjoying the game. Before I finished the three parts of the base game the first expansion was already on it’s way. But man is it punishing! AH:tcg is a story driven deckassembler with a token bag that will be forever in your… not so favor. But man is it fantastic. I will write a longer post on it later on.

The Arkham Horror TCG box.

B is for Battlestar Galactica. After the suggestions got calculated and someone had suggested BSG and I said that I actually had it, the votes changed. The rules are that if it is too expensive or too hard to get a hold off, it’s gone from the list. But as I had it, the votes were different in the end. In BSG you try to get from one place to another while solving problems on the way there. And there might be a traitor or two working against you… this is a wonderfully crafted game where you trust no one. Not even yourself! Because you can become a traitor halfway through the game and start working against all the others. A great game I am looking forward to playing again. Will ofcourse write a longer post about this later on.

The Battlestar Galactica box

C is for Cartographers. Cartographers is a flip and write game that is just beautiful to me. You are a mapmaker that makes a map as you see fit to get more points. A kind of wierd theme to me, but I still feel the game is supercozy and fun. A big critique for the game has been that it takes too long to play… We took out the colored pencils and just went wild. Don’t want to write too much before this game gets it’s own post.

The Cartographers box

I had already played BSG before but the other two were just amazing and I really feel that this experiment is going really, really well. I am looking forward to play more games that I have not tried yet and since the tips this far has been this good, I can’t more than be happy for how well it’s going.

Play more games!!!

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