!Spoilers! Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated !Spoilers!

Just so I am clear. If you have not played Clank! Legacy and wish to do so. Do not read any further if you don’t want any spoilers. If you have not played it and Don’t wish to do so. Do as you wish, but it is a good game and we had super fun!

On to talk about the game! I never played a Clank! game until I played this. I knew what it was and knew roughly what to expect. I did take a chance though on buying the legacy version. But I wanted a legacy game to play with my fiancé. And a legacy game that actually wasn’t too long. This was perfect for that!

After we played a game of “regular” Clank!, with just the starter cards and so on she was intrigued. And so was I. After we played it with the story… It did not leave the table until we played atleast 2 games of it, often more.

Clank! is a deckbuilder in which you also have a huge board on which you move your characters and try to get treasuers and go back to you tavern, and in this game expands ALOT of the board and change what happens on different locations. Some towns are destroyed, other places become volcanoes and the board becomes a mess. But a good mess! There is so much to do and so many different things that happen.

I’ve read some of the negative things about this game, that when something happens you have to stop, read and sticker up the board or cards. But honestly, that is a small thing compared to what you get out of it. The story is pretty fun. I listened to the Acquisitions Incorporated adventures many years ago when they started and I did follow alot of what Penny Arcade did, so to me this was also a welcome trip down memory lane for me.

Expanding the board was super fun and expanding the other side of the board was even more fun! We met, elces, dwarves, vampires, ghosts, dragons and unknown horrors. Regular Clank has the big dragon as their “nemesis” and Malathrex in this game wreaks havoc on the towns and players. But… after awhile there is someone new introduced. Zrog Mogolth. A horror from another dimension that wishes to destroy our world. He has mind control powers and wishes to engulf our world. So the mission becomes a little different. We have to stop him!

I loved it! As I said before, I have not played regular Clank! before. But they have shrines in thisbgame that gices youba permanent boost in some way, you always have one step, one gold, don’t have to fight monsters on the road and more. That was really interesting. To be honest, there is not much new and or revolutionary about this game. But it is damn good. It will be interesting to play this without the story behind it. But maybe not as fun. I will playbit with new people and see what they think. But to me and my fiancé I think there will be something missing from now on… But we will always have Thormiel Thunderclap and Dianthe as our characters. But now… there will be more of a struggle in the game. We wanted to unlock as much as possible, so we played pretty nice. I did try to kill her the last two turns, because she was stealing my spotlight (literally). But she always managed to get in with 1 or 2 life left…

Oh! I forgot to tell you that. You lose life by drawing cubes from a bag. If you make Clank! You put your colored cubes on a board and when the dragon attacks, by drawing a card with the dragon on, in the buy row, you put all those cubes in a bag and draw from it. Some cubes are black which do nothing unless all are drawn and the game ends. Otherwise there are white cubes, if you raid a haunted place, the white cubes hurt all players and go back into the bag. Then youbhave purple cubes in this game that are interns, you can chose to chuck an intern instead of your own cubes in the bag, which means he dies but you do not get hurt.

It all fits the Acquisitions Incorporated world so well. We had a blast and I am really happy I bought the game. It is a big box, but there is alot of fun in there. 11 missions may not sound as so much, but you will probably finish this game! That was, atleast for me, a good thing.

What legacy games have you conpleted?

Play more games!!!

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