Why am I doing this?

So why have I decided to make this blog? Well, I love board games. I started an Instagram account to display the games I played and try to inspire more people to play more board games and meet new people and… well. Play more games!!! And I realised that I want to say more about the games I play. More than a picture, because to be honest, how many of you go past the pictures and actually read what is written? (I try to do it. But not always…)
Everytime I play a game I realise something new. Maybe it is about the game. Maybe it is about the people you are playing with. Or maybe something completely different.

So I decided to start this blog and talk about my “adventures” in board games… and such. There are alot of different games out there and I would like to be including and not excluding. Is a card game technically a board game? As Samuel Gerard from The fugitive would say: “I don’t care”.

I would like to cover role playing games, card games, board games, games in between, party games, euro games, ameritrash games. All kinds of games! Even Monopoly! (Even though I do not think I would actually pay to play it…) This is the part about inclusion. There are alot of “gateway” games out there and I do not want to say “they are not real games” or “that game sucks”.
What I have learned from playing games for a couple of years is that, sometimes a bad game can still be fun with the right players. And sometimes a really good game can be really boring because you are not playing with the right players.
I am not saying that the wrong people are always the wrong people, but I know people who would actually love to play monopoly, and I know some people who would hate it. On the other side I know people who would love to play a really advanced euro game and I know people who would hate it. I like to play most games and see what makes them work, for me, or not. So to end this post on a happier note.

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Valeria Card Kingdoms (Solo)

This i the game that made me get rid of Space Base. In Valeria Card Kingdoms you basically roll 2 dice, look at the cards on the table in front of you, use the numbers on the dice to get bonuses, to buy new cards or kill monsters. So simple ans so much fun!

Trying to defeat the monsters to get the Duke to show himself.

Each turn you start by rolling the dice and then do the harvest phase, where you basically just use the card effects of the cards in front of you. and every time you roll, everybody is engaged because they get an effect too! Then after that, you use what you have off the different meters on your player board: Gold (to buy stuff), Attack (to… attack stuff?) and Magic (that can be used as both). And then you also have the experience bar there but that is just points. Who cares about points!?
Now in the activation phase you can either buy a new card (either a character or a domain, which have different effects) or you can fight a monster! the monster gives you points and some bonuses for killing them, and each stack has 5 monsters and they get stronger the deeper you go throught the stack, and when you have defeated the last monster in the stack, if you are like me and hate yourself, you get to add another thing! either a monster even or an event card. These are each different but just make it a little bit more difficult. Then you rinse and repeat until all the monsters are dead or you have depleted enough piles of cards.

The Dukes forces are getting wrecked!

In the solo game though, here i t gets interesting. each time you roll the dice, that pile of monsters erase 1 card from that column. and you roll 2 dice every turn. so you better be wuick getting through each pile of monsters before they get rid of all the characters, and after that domain cards, because if they do… It’s game over man! Game over! Alsoyou have a Duke card that gives you bonuses on different combinations of cards. And in the solo mode they “AI” get an evil duke to! This time… He was not very good… Not very good at all. For the AI. I on the other hande competely destroyd him and left him in tears and running home to Mama Duke.
I did not know which duke I was against but he did not get many points at all… I think I got more than twice as much… And my wife usually destroys me at this game. But still it’s a wonderfulgame and I have expansion for it, even the campaign expansion that I have not yet looked at. Because I want to play it with my wife.
Just try out the game where you can. Beuatiful art as always by Mihajlo Dimitrievski, who may or might not be my favorite…

He did not fare very well…
My points are better than… Reese the Firebrands.

Have you tried out any of the Valeria games? What did you think?

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Tiny Epic Galaxies (solo)

Back with another solo playthrough! This time with Tiny Epic Galaxies with the expansion Beyond the Black.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is just what the title says. Tiny, Epic and… Galaxies…? In the “regular” game you roll dice to get to go to different planets and getting points by using different “strategies”, politics or economy, two different sides of the dice, to convert the planets to your side. you can also upgrade your galaxy by getting more dice and ships to expand quicker. and in the Expansion you actually get to go to other galaxies.

In the beginning there was peace…

I actually have played this one before and got absolutely demolished by the AI. This time the dice where more on my side and I actually kind of destroyd it… If I did it correctly…? Anyway, this is a game that I actually thinnk should be in most collections. Simple to teach and fun to play. Not to much to think about when you are playing with friends but maybe not the game I would pick to play solo again. It is way to Swingy with the dice. They get to use one symbol of the dice on all of the ships when converting planets. Which can be devasting really quickly. And they get all their ships at once, which can be horrible if the planets that are out are all the same and they get to move on all of them at the same time. If all of their ships is one their home base, and you roll energy or culture, the first turn? They get to upgrade immediately and so on.

Does this look right to you?
Then I think I …crushed it?

A little to much luck for my taste. But I have bought a few more Tiny Epic games (and sold TE Western…) So I shall see what they bring.

What is your favorite Tiny Epic Game? And What is your favorite Space game?

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My past gaming week. Week 5

This was not a good week for my stats against my Wife…
We played 4 of the games we need to go throuogh this week. So we are working through them little by… more some weeks.

First we played Mystic Vale because I am very interested in that system but in another game namely Edge of Darkness. This is because I really like the card crafting system, but the theme is really taking me out of it in Mystic Vale. In Mystic Vale you are druids who are trying to take back the land that is dying or something? By crafting more powerful cards. You start with a set of cards and you do not gain or trash any cards during the game. BUT you do upgrade them. Each card has 3 spots where you can upgrade them. Some of the cards are blank, some have a magic dot that you use for buying new upgrades and some have decay. These decay cards are what makes the game hard. If you have 2 of them in your field and you pull out another one, you either stay or try to push your luck (this will be a theme for todays post). Push your luck mechanic is a really fun mechanic to me unless the luck decided to go away for the day.

Mystic Vale. The start of the game.

My wife won by a landslide. I knew that even before we started counting the points. She got alot more turns with more cards and steadil worked her way forward. I on the other hand got a great hand, three to four bad ones and them a great one again. That is not the way to win. She won 43-19. It was a trainwreck.

Next came Call to Adventure. More of a storytelling game. You try to tell a story by solving cards and getting a story. At the start of the game you get to chose 3 cards that is who you are and who you are becoming these cards all give bonuses of some sort and points at the end of the game. This time I got really bitter… I am not proud of it. Again I had no chance. You get new runes by defeating the cards in front of you so you get new symbols and get stronger.
The runes I had where not the runes that I needed in the end. Fine. I get them during the game. No. There was one card during the entire game that was no all of the symbols I did not have or just the symbols I had. So it was really hard getting points. I got a real good story, but not much else.
My wife won 48-26 My lowest point by far in that game.

Call to Adventure.

On to something with a teeny tiny bit of more control. Deep Sea Adventure.
In Deep Sea Adventure you are trying to go deep enough to get points, but still have enough air to get up to the submarine and get the points. This game is pure luck with the dice, but still you can play the odds a little bit. I got up to the submarine twice as my wife did not. At all. This was her time to get frustrated, but she honestly handled it better than me… this ended 27-0 in my favor.

Deep Sea Adventure ended in my favor.

The last game we played frustrated me beyond belief. The Quacks of Quedlinburg. This is a really fun push your luck game… If your luck was not on vacation. The game is simple enough. White is bad. You don’t want to draw white chits out of your bag. Fill it with other chits. I did. The first time my pot exploded there was a a 1 in 13 chance that it would explode. POOF! The second time it happened 1 in 13 again. exactly the same as last time. The third time it was 1 in 16. This is when I drew the line… No more push your luck games for a few weeks… I still really like the game. But when 3 out of 8 rounds end on those terms it was kind of hard to not get a little sour on it. My wife won again 44-33.

The start of our game. Before I went to a bad place.

This leaves the total of 8 – 7 in favor of my wife.

One of these games might not stay in the library. Which one do you think it is?

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Thinking about playing games solo…

I was thinking about playing games solo and write about it. I want to play more than my wife. and I am home on the weekdays before she is, so there is some time where I can play something just to get the plays in.

The first game I played was It’s a Wonderful World. Just doing the “basic” solo missions from the rulebook, just to try it out. I have the heritage box, so if my wife decides not to play it I still have alot of material to go through alone in those expanion missions.

The starting cards from the second solo mission in the game.

It’s a Wonderful World is a drafting game at it’s core (and engine building to your hearts content), which is kind of hard to play solo. But there is as I said before solo missions in the rulebook.

How it ended up. Not to shabby. But not good enough.

In the regular game you play by getting a hand of cards, choosing one and then giving that hand away to the next player and getting another players hand of cards, choosing one and so on. When that is done you choose what to do with those cards. Do you want to build them for your engine or do you want to trash them for a single cube to use for your other buildings? That is entirely up to you! After the draft ofcourse. Are the cards you want still there or did the card that gave you a green cube gone?

It is a simple yet entertaining game (I love engine building) where the draft really can make our brake it for you. The solo mode is easier in that regard.
In the solomode you get 8 piles of 5 cards each that you get to go through during the game. Of them you can do basically what you like. Even discard them for other cards and hope to whatever you believe in, they are better.
The thing with the solo game is that you get around 4 cards that you have to build before the 8th round (which is pretty easy), but then you also get ranked on the points you get. I was 5 points away from gold once and the other time I barely got bronze. So it’s highly dependent on the cards you get. Which I often like. Tactics over strategy.

Would you like to read more about my solo playing? And if so, what would would you like to read more about? Deeper cuts of the game or just the basics? Going through a complete campaign or just play and go away?

What is your favorite solo game?

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Last Week Went by, then sick…

So last week went by, and then time just continued for some reason. Fever, headache and no Corona. Who would have thunk there was still other illnesses?

We only got to play one game last week… But boy was it a doozy! We played Mansions of Madness! I got most of the expansions, but we only played one scenario, they take a while you see… And we did not make it. As soon as there were a mob, we knew we were doomed.

We have all played it before and we intend to keep it, and maybe buy the last two expansions just to make it complete.

We all got insane and got an ending that was not to our liking, but we still hade fun. I think it’s a game that should be played more often than once every 5-24 months. 😛
I don’t want to spoil too much but it was a fun game and one day I hope we will have played through all the scenarios, atleast once, just to have done it.
The game is so atmospheric and you just get sucked in into the game and there is just enough to keep you going forward,or in oour case, stepping sideways.

Of what I have seen there is something missing in it for me. I don’t know if there is, but I hope there are insane cards that are just “discard all your face down fear” and nothing else. Just so the players are more paranoid, but maybe for no reason. Mine was that I should stand next to another player with a knife and then I would win. I was the only one without a knife, but still think that would kind of ruin the game, for the other players. The mechanic for me would be better with things that are more indirect and less “win if you kill them”. Maybe start fires? Get claustrophobic? waste actions, stepping forwards and backwards (not every action ofcourse) and more. Maybe they are there? I haven’t looked through them all, because I like to be surprised by stuff like that while playing.
We had one last time where one player could not speak to us anymore during the game. It was weird, but still pretty fun.

Sadly I did not take any pictures this time. I was way into reading with my not very Bostonian accent. Just feels better with british…

All in all we are keeping the game and the expanisions, maybe even getting some more. My wife is a completionist.

What do you think about games that use an app to steer you in the right (or wrong) direction? Do you fear the game will “die” and be unplayable?

Play more games!!!

A belated week 3

Week 3 was not as I planned. We only got to play one game. But oh what a game!

The box of Maracaibo

Maracaibo. We have played it previously and very much enjoyed it. But this time it was a a battle! This game will not be leaving any time soon. It was an incredibly tight game and I saw the gears turning in my wifes head. The final score was 194-189 and we kept jumping over each other on every new scoring segment. I really like the tightness of the game and the variability in both cards and boardspaces. Even though we played a “non story” game it still brings you in. I wish there were more quests out on the board each round, but I also completely understand why there are so few.

After some quick admin in getting away some cards and counting or final score.

For now, I am in the lead with 6-5 wins so far in the games. So it is pretty darn close and there are a whole lot of games between now and when we are done

What is your favorite sailing around game?

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A belated week 2 update

Week 2 of going through the games of our collection went a lot slower. Only down to the 2 games we “need” to play. But oh what games they were!

Clank! In space! Just a simple deckbuilder that we both love and decided to keep. Building up your deck with all the little nods to different sci-fi movies and series to steal and escape (only one of us made it) from Lord Eradikus, with his captains chair being the bounty of all boounties. We have both this and the Acquisitions Incorporated Legacy game that we get to play again and decide if we keep or get rid of. Honestly we have not played the Legacy varaint for a long while now, but still brings back good memories just looking at the box.

A picture just before we started playing Clank! In space!

The other game we played was SpaceCorp 2025-2300AD with the Ventures expansion. A really good game, but it felt like my corp really had the upper hand on hers this time around. I would like to see how well the different corps go together and play best.
Still a wonderfully easy yet engaging game. I think that the exploration really comes through in this one, even though I don’t think it’s perfect. It looks some more daunting than it really is.

A picture just before we started playing SpaceCorp

I think I have been pretty clear about keeping these games in our library. But just to be clear. They are staying.

This week I have planned for us to play 3 games. 3 games that I am not sure about keeping in the library, because they would not be played at all. More about that next week since we haven’t played any one of them yet. I think that the week after that should be a round of quicker easier games again just get some room to play the heavier with a little more time and not feel so stressed about it.

The beginning of this year.

The first week of going through the board game library is almost done! We started out strong when I pointed out that there are some games that are alot harder to both learn and play and the fact that we maybe won’t be playing every week for different reasons.
My wife is in the lead with 5-3 wins. Which hurt alot more in Red Rising after I had to banish a card and she could take 2 banished cards and add to her hand in the end and by that won with 6 points…After playing these 8 games we have realised:

The gambits for Star Realms are too swingy (2 ongoing gambits that are better than every other gambit)

Two gambits from Star Realms

Wingspan is still beautiful and a calming game to play.

Wingspan, with one of my favorite birds the Hooded Warbler with his fake beard.

Hadrians Wall is an amazing game. But about as solo as a game can be. Once you got the resources you bow your head and only lift your head to look at 2 cards with a very low impact on the other players.

Hadrians wall on normal difficulty. A whole lot of things to remember.

Red Rising is a really interesting game that is lifted by having read the books.

Red rising such a interesting game. I personally prefer it to Fantasy realms with a little more depth.

Reykholt is oh so beautiful and farming is a theme that we both love.

Reykholt. Such a gorgeous looking game!

Suburbia is simple and relaxing to play with some thinkiness to it. And the metalcoins are amazing but does not fit the game…

The start of Suburbia with a couple of expansions

Welcome to… is one of my favorite Flip and writes. So simple, so good looking and quick but rewarding.

Welcome to… not getting a great score. 😜

Luxor is one of my favorite games to show someone who wants to go into the hobby. It has many different mechanics to show you and to make other games maybe a little bit eaasier to grasp.

Luxor. I ran ahead a little too far with this. It still was a pretty close game.

And that one of these games sadly is going out of the library…

After the first week this feels pretty good! Aside from the losing part… But still, we said that whoever wins decides where to go on a weekend trip and we are pretty much synced up in where we want to go. But even more we got a running start on this thing! The idea was to play Feudum today, but when we got upstairs she took out some other games instead. So good that we have more time for the little heavier games that are coming.

What is your hopes of getting done this gaming year? 

Play more games!!!

Am I back? Hopefully.

It’s been a …time. Alot of things happened, happens and will continue to happen so why not take some time off and do what makes me happy?

My vision for this year will come first and then the parts that are a little bit personal, not boardgamey and not in detail, will come later in the post. Since that is probably not why tyou are here.

My vision for 2022 is to be more outgoing and be more online and talkative. If you are swedish, I am part of Mindy Bräd och Rollspelspodd. Where you can find me in different ways, where I also stream atleast once a month. Which is also something I would love to do more! If I find time for it, I will do my best to make my own stream in english, because if I am really, really lucky I will be able to play with some of the wonderful people in this hobby. And that is alot easier with a language that is… well, ALOT bigger than swedish.

I am basically starting over from scratch to do this, since I’ve been focusing on other things over writing or even taking a quick photo of the game I am playing. As a part of Mindy I have only been doing things that other people are dependent on me for being done, which is how I started streaming and playing with people all over the country and hopefully in the future, the world. The ease of it today makes it almost better than playing the game on the table. You can play with someone anywhere in the world,you can play games you don’t own, you don’t even have to be able to play at the same time (even though that is preferable). But it does have it’s downsides. You don’t get that tactile feeling that I love. But still hopefully something I will start with during this year.

We played some West kingdom Tomesaga (which I won ;p )

Another thing that I will be doing is going through and play all of the games in our board game library with my wife. It was her idea and I am not qomeone who would turn that down! We have played 3 games so far and will have to play atleast 3 games a week to be able to do this. Really looking forward to this! Especially since it was her idea and I get to see her play some of my absolute favorites that she hasn’t played yet.

Other than that I will just try to continue with what is going on and take some pictures of the games we play.

An old game of Gloomhaven

Now for the not specific and not so fun part. Basically the past 16 months have been really rough. And after a while I decided not to try anymore with things that I didn’t have to do. Basically just existing and going to work, was what I had the strength to do. I am not nearly where I want to be, but I also think that I need to start somewhere and do things that are things that I want to do, for myself. Because even though there is no obligation to do this, in any way, it started to feel like a job that was overwhelming, just to take a picture for instagram. And since I didn’t have to do it, I just stopped. Even though it was something that I liked doing and started to be a part of a community that I have loved from the outside for years.

Hopefully I will have the strength to continue and have the will to be much, much better and evolve into something that people would like to take part in.

So for the first time in way to long.

Play more games!!!


I am trying to learn my ABC:s in board games. For me that means that I, on my instagram, will ask people for their favorite games on a specific letter. I call it #alphabeticalboardgaming

So far I have done A,B and C.

A is for Arkham Horror the Card Game. And it went superbly! Well not playing the game… but in enjoying the game. Before I finished the three parts of the base game the first expansion was already on it’s way. But man is it punishing! AH:tcg is a story driven deckassembler with a token bag that will be forever in your… not so favor. But man is it fantastic. I will write a longer post on it later on.

The Arkham Horror TCG box.

B is for Battlestar Galactica. After the suggestions got calculated and someone had suggested BSG and I said that I actually had it, the votes changed. The rules are that if it is too expensive or too hard to get a hold off, it’s gone from the list. But as I had it, the votes were different in the end. In BSG you try to get from one place to another while solving problems on the way there. And there might be a traitor or two working against you… this is a wonderfully crafted game where you trust no one. Not even yourself! Because you can become a traitor halfway through the game and start working against all the others. A great game I am looking forward to playing again. Will ofcourse write a longer post about this later on.

The Battlestar Galactica box

C is for Cartographers. Cartographers is a flip and write game that is just beautiful to me. You are a mapmaker that makes a map as you see fit to get more points. A kind of wierd theme to me, but I still feel the game is supercozy and fun. A big critique for the game has been that it takes too long to play… We took out the colored pencils and just went wild. Don’t want to write too much before this game gets it’s own post.

The Cartographers box

I had already played BSG before but the other two were just amazing and I really feel that this experiment is going really, really well. I am looking forward to play more games that I have not tried yet and since the tips this far has been this good, I can’t more than be happy for how well it’s going.

Play more games!!!