How do you learn the rules?

I usually do it by sitting down with the game and play as two different players (If that is the minimum), or play it solo, if that is possible. When you go up to a minimum of 3 or more it starts to get weird and my head have a problem… I got Quacks of Quedlinburg a couple of days ago and sat down with it playing two different players to learn it and it was so easy to learn! I have a game that I hade for about a month now and playing two different players in that is just… too many things to keep in your head. I need another player to play it with me. And as I said in a recent post on Instagram: “How do you ask a person to sit down for almost an hour, listening to rules to play a game that takes two hours, that you think is fun, but you don’t know…”
But usually I just read the rules, play the game and have the rulebook close by to check for mistakes. Quacks I think I looked in the rulebook twice while playing and I was right on the thing I looked up. That really says something about the game. I was confident in just telling the rules when playing it the second time and we both enjoyed the game and then we were off.

A picture of the game Quacks of Quedlinburg

Tonight we are going to compete for the coveted sugarbowl I bought after my fiancee got a little too confident after winning a few games (6 games…) in a row. Now it’s on! She won the bowl the first time (she even had a bracelet with her name on it around the bowl!!!) but after that it has been in my possession for the last two games. It is a good way to play more games and still have fun.

The cups of the competition with star realms cards around them

How do you learn the rules of a game? What is the best and the worst rulebook you have read?

And as usual. Play more games!!!

The anticipation of opening a new box.

You get a text “Your package has arrived at the delivery point”. I have been waiting for this moment for 5 days. I ordered the games a third time after the first place I tried to order from did not send the package for over a week, for the second time… So I have basically been waiting for this delivery for almost 3 weeks. The box holds 2 games, The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Race for the Galaxy. I have been reading up on these games as I do almost all games before I buy them. Two very different types of games but two games I have been looking forward to playing for a while.

The place where I pick up the game is 20 minutes by foot to get to. But I like to walk and it is a beautiful day out. 40 minutes of walking to get my games and a little walk on top of that, then coming home to unpack my games and go through the rules and maybe even try a game. Look up the solo mode for Race for the Galaxy and then cook dinner. My day has been made. I write this before I walk down to town to get my package just to draw out this feeling of anticipation and looking forward to open up the new games. I feel silly looking forward to things this much, but if it is a game I am really looking forward to and they are not to big, (there are those games to), it’s hard not to be a little giddy for me. Rule 32 of Zombieland is “Enjoy the little things”, and I see no problem with doing that without the zombie apocalypse.

Now I will put on a warm jacket and some shoes and go down to town to get my package and I will try to enjoy this day.

What little thing gives you enjoyment?

As always. Play more games!!!


Why am I doing this?

So why have I decided to make this blog? Well, I love board games. I started an Instagram account to display the games I played and try to inspire more people to play more board games and meet new people and… well. Play more games!!! And I realised that I want to say more about the games I play. More than a picture, because to be honest, how many of you go past the pictures and actually read what is written? (I try to do it. But not always…)
Everytime I play a game I realise something new. Maybe it is about the game. Maybe it is about the people you are playing with. Or maybe something completely different.

So I decided to start this blog and talk about my “adventures” in board games… and such. There are alot of different games out there and I would like to be including and not excluding. Is a card game technically a board game? As Samuel Gerard from The fugitive would say: “I don’t care”.

I would like to cover role playing games, card games, board games, games in between, party games, euro games, ameritrash games. All kinds of games! Even Monopoly! (Even though I do not think I would actually pay to play it…) This is the part about inclusion. There are alot of “gateway” games out there and I do not want to say “they are not real games” or “that game sucks”.
What I have learned from playing games for a couple of years is that, sometimes a bad game can still be fun with the right players. And sometimes a really good game can be really boring because you are not playing with the right players.
I am not saying that the wrong people are always the wrong people, but I know people who would actually love to play monopoly, and I know some people who would hate it. On the other side I know people who would love to play a really advanced euro game and I know people who would hate it. I like to play most games and see what makes them work, for me, or not. So to end this post on a happier note.

Play more games!!!