Christmas games

I don’t know about you, but every year the families meet, eat and share presents with eachother. Then, when the smallest in the bunch has either started playing with their new toys or the even smaller ones have gone to bed, the adults bring forth “The game”. “The game” has been different for me over the years. Different families different games. Different decades, different games. But they are often played until you really don’t really want to play them again… I remember the first years… Monopoly… You don’t chose your family and this game really showed that in some ways. Then “The game” was Trivial Pursuit, and not to be that guy, but there are multiple versions of trivial pursuit and very differing difficulty levels. The first year I saw it I was terrified. I had no idea on how to answer most of the questions. But then I decided to be better, stronger, maybe even a little weird. Before bed each night for I don’t know how long, I read 5 cards from the game (I don’t know if this is cheating but maybe it is), so when the game came up next time I was ready. I got better and then they bought new versions because they found out what I had done (I did not place the cards in any order. I just wanted to be better). But then I had got the bug. I liked to learn. I was horrible at school but that’s another thing.

“The game” now changes. It is always a quiz game of some kind, but I actually like quiz games, but still, we play the same game until we get tired of it. And I don’t like that. This Christmas I will bring a couple of different games, some with questions yes, but not just the usual ones. This year you have to close your eyes and feel the questions too. So not the usual suspects. I will also bring a couple of “Flip and write” games, just to show there is more out there that can still be fun. Hopefully they will think so too. I still like quiz games, I just don’t like to play the same over and over again just to play a game. And then “The game” is not even “A game” anymore just something collecting dust on the shelf, just because that is all that was played for a while, then not at all.

I may have bought many more games than the average person, maybe not. But I think, at least to me, that if you really like to play a game. Don’t kill it by making it not fun anymore. Play the game when you want to play, not just because it is the one you know.

What games do you play on Christmas?

Play more games!!!

Solo play

Sometimes I have to admit that I like board games more than other people. I just want to play a game and have no one around that I can play with. This is the time where I sometimes pull out a game to play solo. I have some games that have Actual solo play and some that where some nice person on Board Game Geek has been kind enough to give out rules for possible solo modes for a game.
Sometimes the solomode is near impossible and sometimes I read the rules wrong. And sometimes you just have to outwit a mechanic.

When we play games here at home I try to give it some ambience. Music that fits, if it’s possible to dim the lights, we do. If it’s a really special occasion I might even cook food for the event that matches the theme of the game. This is all good and well for when you play with others. But what about when you play solo?

I actually think that I need more… I don’t really know what. But something. I sit down with a game and unless the game really pulls me in, the music and ambience might not make it perfect. Some video games have sent things with the deluxe versions of their games. A bloodscented candle and stuff like that. I am not much for bloodscent… but maybe i need something that smells right too? But mainly I would like the game to immerse me to that degree that I don’t see outside of the gameboard. And as far as the games that I have played solo. None of them has been able to that yet.
I think I need a game that is pretty complicated to really pull me in but also something more. I remember playing a solo version of Power grid, not the most complicated of games, but since it was the first time I played it, it made it a little more difficult. So I got more immersed.

Do you have any good tips for immersive solo games? And what makes them immersive?

As always. Play more games!!!

Introductory games

What would you say is a good introduction to board games? I’ve heard many people say the Settlers of Catan as a good one. I don’t think I agree. The Settlers of Catan and I have a past. It’s a game that make me someone I don’t like to be. A cheap and angry bastard. The trades hardly ever works between players. I even had a friend that was offended that no one would trade 1 stone for 1 of his sheep after he tried to get 3 wood and 1 stone for 1 of his sheep. This and the robber… The robber is such a… GHAA!!! The robber mechanic is so infuriating.
The thing is, I actually like the game. But I would not recommend it as a first game for someone. I have gone from a game of Catan winning and felt worse than after a loss. That’s not right? Is it?
But I still play and like the game. Not as others though.

A picture of the Settlers of Catan. as the game is about to start.
Just about to start a three player game.

So what DO I think is a good introduction in to board gaming. A board game I bought a while ago that I actually found really entertaining and simple too teach and learn is Luxor.

Luxor is a game where you are delving deeper and deeper to finally get into a gravechamber and loot the sarcofogi. You do this in a spiral that goes towards the middle and on most of the steps you find treasures that you can grab by standing with a specific number of adventurers. Then you get points in different ways and so on.
This game to me introduces many things that are interesting and still in a very simple way. It introduces set collection. It introduces moving by cards, but ,not any card in your hand, specifically the ones at the end of your hand. It introduces some strategy elements. It introduces many different things in a easy way. That to me is a good introduction game.
To me the take that of the Robber and the rolling of dice to get materials in Catan is maybe a little outdated? Luxor is a much, much newer game so it is obvious that many things have evolved in board games over time. But still. I will write a post about Luxor later.

A picture of two meeples at the Luxor board.
In Luxor you get more adventurers by “jumping over” them on the board

Then there is the definition of board games. I like the “and such” part of this blog. Card games and party games are also a very good introduction to me. I have previously written about Star Realms, that is a really good intro game to me. You don’t need a board and much room to play it AND it almost fits in your pocket (depending on what clothing item we are talking about). You can take it with you wherever you go.

Then there are family games and so much more. This post could go on and on with different types of games, so I’ll just write down these two. But depending on who you want to get interested I actually think you should try a few different ones. And maybe not introduce someone you like too a “take that” game that you know really well, unless you are willing to teach them strategy and all that on top of the rules. the first time you play.

Some people like the randomness of dice and some hate it. This usually shows after you played a couple of different games though. Some people like to go head to head and destroy their opponent and some like cooperative. Some like a little mix between and some like deception games. Some like to solve mysteries and some like to strategize the best way to defeat you in a big battle of miniature figures. We are all different people and we like different things.
I try to like most things, or at least try too, because if you do, you’ll enjoy things more.

What do you think is a good introduction game?

As always. Play more games!!!

#mvkneverendingbattle The Quacks of Quedlinburg

I just bought this game, but it was really fun so I chose this as my game for this turn of #mvkneverendingbattle.
We both new the rules so it was not a problem to play it and we played with the original setup, just so it wouldn’t be too complicated reading, just play.

A picture of my lovely competitor looking sneakily back at me.

After the first round I took a commanding lead with one point after her cauldron boiled over. Well… The first round doesn’t really matter too much but still, it feels good. We buy our ingredients and play on. After five rounds we had not actually gone very far on the scoreboard… But I still was in the lead with one point. She always managed to get a mouse tail between me and her which made her get a free space on the cauldron track. We bought different ingredients and we both had good and bad rounds. Some worse than others… But it was still anyones game.

A picture of us playing the game all ingredients and player boards visible.

I haven’t played this game very much, but honestly… This did not look good for anyone of us. After 5 rounds she had seven points and I had eight. It did not look good.

Round seven was really good for me. I pulled ahead after her cauldron exploded violently and i took 6 points and just flew ahead on the scoreboard.
Then came round eight… I refer to round eight as “the incident”. Round eight was terrible for me. I got a white chip, then i got a pumpkin, then a white chip, and another white chip. I had no potions and my mandrakes were nowhere to be found! I exploded terribly! there was ooze from the cauldron everywhere! Well… it wasn’t but that is just because it is a boardgame and not real life…
All the while it took Karin 8 (!!!) chips before she even grabbed a white one! I just saw her playing more and more chips and looked at my exploded little wreck of a cauldron…
While I got 1 point… Karin got 10 points (with purple chips). This was not good. She actually overtook me on the scoreboard with one point (with no mouse in between).

The last round. It was even. Really even. I saw her play a purple, but I also played a purple so it was OK. Then she pulled another one. And another one! I had to push or she would win. This was not going my way… Lets just say that this was not going my way. She even rolled a point at the end which gave her another point!

A picture of my better half holding up the little sugarbowl after she won in the Quacks of Quedlingburg.
She was happy

She won, but only by two points. It was a close and terrible game. The few times I played this I never got this low a score. The white chips are fickle little bastards…
I have read that there are people complaining that if you fall behind there is no way to catch up. She did fall behind buy a few points and still won. But then again we only played a two player game. If we were more players it might look different. But then again… It wouldn’t be #mvkneverendingbattle

As always. Play more games!!!

Star Realms

This is by far the most well played game we have at home. I might even go as far as to say it is my fiancees favorite game. I have the physical copy and i have it on steam and on my phone. This is a game we took with us wherever we went for a while. The original box has been destroyed for years… Know it is packed in an old whisky box and that is not the best…
This game has been played on trains, buses, airplanes, in bed, everywhere. It takes minutes to learn and gives almost endless hours of fun. (When you lose by one point it is more infuriating than fun…)

A picture of the Viper, Scout and explorer ships.
The Viper, Scout and Explorer

The rules are simple. You and your opponent has 50 authority (health) Destroy your opponent before they destroy you.
You start with 10 cards in your deck. Seven scouts and three vipers. The scouts give you one trade (currency) and the vipers give you one combat (damage). The player that starts get to draw three cards and the player after that draws the regular five. In front of the players there is a row of 5 cards that you can buy from, the pile you draw new cards from to fill up the row and a pile of explorer ships. The explorer ships cost 2 trade to buy and in return give you 2 trade and if you chose to trash (put it back in the explorer pile instead of your discard) afterwards it can also do 2 combat that round.
In the row you buy from there can be a good mix of cards. Ships, bases and outposts.
I will write about the technical part of the game further down.

A picture of 1 ship from each one of the 4 factions
4 different ships that you can buy.

The simplicity and availability in the small box this game comes in is really good! You learn the game quickly and there isn’t much text on the cards. The symbols are clear and to the point and leaves little to be desired. I have played this game hundreds if not thousands of times and each time it is different. I bought the base game and the expansion with more cards (Colony wars), and even though I have bought some more expanions, I feel this is what we play most with.
It’s cheap, it’s small and it is so much fun. If you like card drafting games this might be something for you. Even though it’s not very complex it still holds up after many plays. There are rules for playing more than one on one, but honestly I think it really shines when you only have one opponent.

I have won and I have lost in this game. I have lost by going down to -10 authority and I have won with having over 80 authority myself. the game really is different from time to time, but I would still recommend it.

There are 4 factions in the game:
Machine cult (red): Cards that often lets you trash your cards and control your deck.
Star Empire (yellow): Often lets you draw a new card or make the opponent discard cards.
Blob (green): Heavy hitters. A lot of damage is dealt by these cards.
Trade federation (blue): Have cards that often heal you or maybe put a card on the top of your draw pile.

There are basically 3 types of units you can buy in the base game:
Ships: They do what it says on the card and then goes to your discard pile (or you trash them).
Bases: After you play a base it remains up until you either trash it or the opponent destroys it and it goes to your discard pile.
Outposts: Outposts are a different kind of base. Like a base it reamins out until you either trash it is destroyed by your opponent. The difference is that if you are being attacked, your opponent MUST destroy the outposts before anything else. So it is basically a shield with benefits for you.

A picture of two bases of each type. Bases and outposts.
Bases and outposts

This is all I have to say about the game here. If you have any questions just ask.

What is your favorite card game and why?

Not reviewing and #mvkneverendinbattle

First off I just wanna say that I will not make reviews of games on my blog. I will say what I think, but it will not be a review. I find myself way to unprofessional to review games. I play them because they are fun. If I don’t find them fun, I will not play them again. Depending on who I play with and what game it is, it might not be a good fit. A bad fit might give me a bad taste for the game, but I have the rule of three. I play each game at least three times before deciding what I think.
I might play the game in a wrong way the first time, but then I will try and make different choices the next time. It’s just how I am.

This is a hobby for me so why make it difficult and make myself someone I’m not. I will leave reviews to much better people and just try to enjoy the games. I do read reviews myself, but I am a bit weird, so I read them to see what the reviewer does not like, to see if that thing is something I like. But enough about something I won’t do…

My fiancee is alot smarter than me… But I think she became a little cocky after winning a few games in a row. So I decided to buy a sugarbowl and little cup for the second place for us to battle for. The battles are in different games. For now we played best of three in Star Realms, Star Wars: Destiny and Dominion. She won the first 2-1 the others I have won 2-0.
Next year my Plan is to do it in Seasons. A spring season and a fall season. I will try and come up with some prices for the winner of them and some a little bit more impressive trophies.
The plan for tonight is to play Quacks of Quedlinburg as my game and her next game seems to be Railways of the world. Those will be the last games this year and then I will try to make up the rules for the next year.
The rules for now are:

  • She decides one game and then I decide a game and so on.
  • If it is a game that takes under one hour to play we play best of three.
  • The first season will end july 1st and the second season will start september 1st (Sometimes we only want to play for fun…)

Do you have any tips for more rules, prices, trophy or anything else?

And as always. Play more games!!!

How do you learn the rules?

I usually do it by sitting down with the game and play as two different players (If that is the minimum), or play it solo, if that is possible. When you go up to a minimum of 3 or more it starts to get weird and my head have a problem… I got Quacks of Quedlinburg a couple of days ago and sat down with it playing two different players to learn it and it was so easy to learn! I have a game that I hade for about a month now and playing two different players in that is just… too many things to keep in your head. I need another player to play it with me. And as I said in a recent post on Instagram: “How do you ask a person to sit down for almost an hour, listening to rules to play a game that takes two hours, that you think is fun, but you don’t know…”
But usually I just read the rules, play the game and have the rulebook close by to check for mistakes. Quacks I think I looked in the rulebook twice while playing and I was right on the thing I looked up. That really says something about the game. I was confident in just telling the rules when playing it the second time and we both enjoyed the game and then we were off.

A picture of the game Quacks of Quedlinburg

Tonight we are going to compete for the coveted sugarbowl I bought after my fiancee got a little too confident after winning a few games (6 games…) in a row. Now it’s on! She won the bowl the first time (she even had a bracelet with her name on it around the bowl!!!) but after that it has been in my possession for the last two games. It is a good way to play more games and still have fun.

The cups of the competition with star realms cards around them

How do you learn the rules of a game? What is the best and the worst rulebook you have read?

And as usual. Play more games!!!

The anticipation of opening a new box.

You get a text “Your package has arrived at the delivery point”. I have been waiting for this moment for 5 days. I ordered the games a third time after the first place I tried to order from did not send the package for over a week, for the second time… So I have basically been waiting for this delivery for almost 3 weeks. The box holds 2 games, The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Race for the Galaxy. I have been reading up on these games as I do almost all games before I buy them. Two very different types of games but two games I have been looking forward to playing for a while.

The place where I pick up the game is 20 minutes by foot to get to. But I like to walk and it is a beautiful day out. 40 minutes of walking to get my games and a little walk on top of that, then coming home to unpack my games and go through the rules and maybe even try a game. Look up the solo mode for Race for the Galaxy and then cook dinner. My day has been made. I write this before I walk down to town to get my package just to draw out this feeling of anticipation and looking forward to open up the new games. I feel silly looking forward to things this much, but if it is a game I am really looking forward to and they are not to big, (there are those games to), it’s hard not to be a little giddy for me. Rule 32 of Zombieland is “Enjoy the little things”, and I see no problem with doing that without the zombie apocalypse.

Now I will put on a warm jacket and some shoes and go down to town to get my package and I will try to enjoy this day.

What little thing gives you enjoyment?

As always. Play more games!!!


Why am I doing this?

So why have I decided to make this blog? Well, I love board games. I started an Instagram account to display the games I played and try to inspire more people to play more board games and meet new people and… well. Play more games!!! And I realised that I want to say more about the games I play. More than a picture, because to be honest, how many of you go past the pictures and actually read what is written? (I try to do it. But not always…)
Everytime I play a game I realise something new. Maybe it is about the game. Maybe it is about the people you are playing with. Or maybe something completely different.

So I decided to start this blog and talk about my “adventures” in board games… and such. There are alot of different games out there and I would like to be including and not excluding. Is a card game technically a board game? As Samuel Gerard from The fugitive would say: “I don’t care”.

I would like to cover role playing games, card games, board games, games in between, party games, euro games, ameritrash games. All kinds of games! Even Monopoly! (Even though I do not think I would actually pay to play it…) This is the part about inclusion. There are alot of “gateway” games out there and I do not want to say “they are not real games” or “that game sucks”.
What I have learned from playing games for a couple of years is that, sometimes a bad game can still be fun with the right players. And sometimes a really good game can be really boring because you are not playing with the right players.
I am not saying that the wrong people are always the wrong people, but I know people who would actually love to play monopoly, and I know some people who would hate it. On the other side I know people who would love to play a really advanced euro game and I know people who would hate it. I like to play most games and see what makes them work, for me, or not. So to end this post on a happier note.

Play more games!!!