TI4 and Cosmic Encounters

This weekend I got to play both Twilight Imperium 4th edition and Cosmic Encounter for the first time. Both of which was a blast! Cosmic Encounter was actually more entertaining than I thought.

Twilight Imperium 4th edition is a game that many boardgamers say is a game that everybody needs to play. I might not agree with that. This is a game with backstabbing and politics in the middle of it which can be pretty harsh. Think of it like this. This game can take around 12 hours to play with new people. And has player elimination… That could REALLY suck for the person getting eliminated. But that is a different story.
I’ve only played this once, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
At the beginning of the game you get to chose a race and there are alot of them. Every race is unique in some way. The race I played was called “THe Yssaril Tribes”, they don’t have a hand limit and they can discard a action card to not do something when it is their turn, they also draw more cards, discard one and are generally very card based. I LOVE asymmetric games. Because it’s alot like Syndrome says “And when everyones super… No one will be”.
This game has it all! On a round you can do any number of things you start by taking one of eight cards that each are focused on different things Leadership, diplomacy, construction, technology, imperium, trade, warfare and politics. They are numbered from 1 through 8 and have a primary and secondary function. To use the secondary function you need to pay a strategy chip. and you can basically use a worse version of the primary use of the card. I will not go deeper in to this aspect because this is one of the many things you can do in a round.
On a regular round you use chips from your tactics pile to move units, create units and so on. You can have a set number of Fleet units on any tile depending on how many chips you have set in the Fleet part of your player board…

A picture of the board after the first round in Twilight Imperium 4th edition.
After the first round of TI4

Well… Instead of describing every part of the game lets just say there is a lot going on. Every round takes around an hour to play (granted this was the first time for 2 of us, so it might take way less if you played it a lot more). depending on number of players. And you go up to 10 or 14 points. You don’t always get a point on your round and you can get more than one. It is all very much to take in the first time you play it. But it still isn’t very hard. Just much. And after the first round you start introducing laws and such that you get to vote on. So there is a lot going on. The first time I played this I just wanted to sit back and see what the game was actually about. I found it really entertaining and want to play it again with a different race and see how that affects the way I play. The only thing I need to know is to play more aggresive but that feels kind of wierd in a game with player elimination that takes this long to play… But maybe that’s just me.

A picture of the game board at the second to last round of Twilight Imperium
The second to last round of the game

Cosmic Encounter on the other hand… This takes away alot of the aggresiveness of the game. You seldom chose who you attack, you win by getting 5 colonies on other peoples planets, you have many different things that you can do and there are 50 different races in the box from the beginning. All are different and are made to play against the other different races and have setups that lets you chose different kind of play styles and still be balanced. It takes way less time to play and I actually liked it more than I thought I would. I genereally don’t like the changing allies part of games and stuff like that, but in this game it just felt right, since in this game, everybody is SUPER.

A picture of us playing Cosmic Encounter
Just before my fiancé won the game by using her skill at the best possible momnent.

And in this game one of the funniest things that have happened in a long time in a board game happened.
Another player had the skill that he could change the hand he had with the player he played against. He had 2 cards in his hand and I had 6. He did not like his hand and switched with mine when I attacked, then he wanted to negotiate. He agreed not to destroy me if I just went back to my planets. I agreed to this, then I played the other card he gave me. “Quash” this game negates the negotiation. And I had more ships than him in hte attack so I won. He agreed that this was not his brightest moment…
Also My fiancé won the game in a way that was impossible for any of us to counter without the right card. She won by using her races skill “Upset”. This makes the winner lose the fight and the loser win the fight. She only had a negotiate card and her skill made me use my attack card. Which made me lose the fight by winning the fight… This game is wierd but Funny!

A picture of two negotiate cards and the quash card from Cosmic Encounter
The fun round

Cosmic Encounter is a really nice game that is ALOT quicker and a little nicer than Twilight Imperium 4th edition. Depending on what you have time to play and how often you get to play the games bring different things to the table and are not really comparable. But as the person who brought Twilight Imperium 4th edition here said, “I play this at most every three months”. And I get that. It is a beast and you want to play it again. But it takes alot out of you and the day. Going through the rules and playing it to the end basically took 10-12 hours. I don’t really remember, it was so engaging that I actually did not look at the watch. So it got that going for it. 😀

Have you played any or both of these games? If so What do you think?

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Tiny Epic Galaxies

A little deep dive into a game that just makes me smile. And I am not really certain why. Tiny Epic Galaxies is a game with a tiny epic galaxy in a little box. Gamelyn games have made it their business to make small box games that pack a big punch. This is a really good one.

A picture of the Tiny Epic Galaxies box
THe Tiny Epic Box

In Tiny Epic Galaxies you are fighting for new planets to win. Each planet has a number of points, usually depending on how hard it is to get the planet. When a player gets to 21 points, it ends the game.
In it’s core this is a dice rolling game. You roll dice and use the different results on different things. There are 6 sides on each dice that all show different things.

A picture of the different sides on the dice.
The different symbols on the dice
  • A ship symbol
    This lets you move a ship to either orbit a planet to try and score it or to land on it and possibly gain it’s resources.
  • Energy symbol
    Lets you gain energy if you have ships on a space that gives you that. You use energy to reroll your dice or to upgrade your colony track to get more dice, ships and points.
  • Culture symbol
    Same as above but culture. With culture you can “follow” another players action. If the other player uses the ship symbol to fly to a planet, you may follow that action for a culture point. You may then move your ship to any place you want. Or if they want to move further on a diplomacy or economy track you can follow that too.
  • Economy symbol
    If you have a ship orbiting a planet that need Economy to score, you need this side.
  • Diplomacy symbol
    If you want to score a diplomatic planet you need to orbit it and get this symbol.
  • Colony Symbol
    Looks like a snail but have the most uses of all the dice. You can use it to upgrade your base with either culture or energy or when you score planets, each planet has a special power that you can use if you get this side of the dice.

And if you don’t like what you roll, you get a free reroll of as many dice as you like, after that it costs one energy to reroll one dice or you can use two dice to turn another dice to any side you want.

A picture of some of the secret missions in the game
Some of the seret missions

All players also get a player board. Here you can upgrade your system to get more dice or ships and even points that count towards winning.
Remember how I wrote that the game ends when anybody hits 21 points? Well… Everybody gets a secret mission card with a certain amount of points on also. Usually gets you around 3 points if you manage it. Which means that just because someone hits 21 points, it doesn’t mean they have to win.

A picture of a setup of the game for solo mode
Basically what a solo game can look like Without having the planets by your board.

There will always be 5 planets which you fight over and you can chose to orbit as many as you can. But if you orbit many planets you might not get culture or energy which you are going to need to get further up your track or help you in other ways.

This is basically the game. It’s simple, quick and alot of fun. To me atleast. As I said in the beginning. This game puts a smile on my face and I’m not sure why. There are alot of games out there. and some are better. There are games that I find better but this one is the one that makes me smile.

I also need to make a quick comment about the solo mode. It’s a dice game. It can be a pain in the buttocks if they get the dice they need. But when I got the hang of it I haven’t had as much trouble fighting the AI. But if you roll energy for it before it leaves it’s system. It’s not going to be easy…
I really like this game and will take it out for different people whenever I feel like it. Some people like it, some not. Dice are always something that divides people in games. But here they always do something. Maybe not the thing you want or can actually… do. But something. It’s your fault if you can’t do something on each side of a dice. ;P

A picture of the solomode playerboard for medium difficulty
A closer look at what the solo mode opponent looks like.

Check it out if you have the chance. It’s a cheap and tiny box with alot of fun packed into it.

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Wingspan and Castles of Burgundy.

This weekend I had a little time over for some boardgaming. A friend came over and we played Wingspan and the Castles of Burgundy.

My friend had never played Wingspan before, so it was prett easy to lure him in. 😉

I really like Wingspan, but I don’t think I’d like it more with more than three people. There is not much to do when it’s not your turn… First time I played it was with five people and learning the rules. That was… some hours… for three people it still rolls on pretty well.

The game is so good looking to me. Brings me back looking in old flora and fauna books. And I get to win in it (needed to have that said before going to the next game…)

My friend liked it and we all feel the same way. A pretty easy and fun game, with beautiful components. Maybe the trays are abit “meh”… but them we can play without. I really like the different ways ro get pointscat the end of a round, makes for interesting play styles.

The Castles of Burgundy on the other hand went so, so this time. We tried adding the trade routes expansion. First of all I would like one clarification rule. Do you still get points and money when you sell or do you “just” get what is on the trade route?

At first I thought I would love this expansion, but it really slowed down the game and took me out of my playstyle. I don’t think I will play with it again… My fiancé won. Again… This time with about 25 points. Last time she won by having two more buildings than me. So it was pretty even that time. Now I think I only have the shields expansion left for the Castles of Burgundy. It looks really interesting that one. We will see if I like that one.

Next I only need to introduce my fiancé to Power Grid. I really think she would like that one. She likes Railways of the World and I see some similarities between them that I think she would like. That and I need to play a full game of it not solo, to see how I really feel about the game… I think I will love it.

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The concept of “Dead games”

This is a thing that bothers me to some extent. Recently Fantasy Flight Games came out and said that after the next round of booster sets they won’t be making more for Star Wars Destiny. This means that the game will not evolve anymore by getting new cards. But does this really mean that the game is dead? To me, granted I see myself as a leisure gamer, this is like playing a computer game for 40 hours in 4 days and saying that the game is crap because there is nothing to do. (Been in one of these groups before). The game still exists. I remember when Android: Netrunner stopped being updated and people started selling their cards and stopped playing. Maybe it´s just me but to me that is just wrong. If you do love a game then why stop playing it because there will be no new cards?
Maybe I get it if that is the only game you play and tournaments is a big thing for you. I don’t have many ships for X-wing (for now…) but if they said that they would’nt support it anymore, I would not stop enjoying it and sell my ships. To me it’s still a good game and I would play if anyone would suggest it.
So if anyone has some Android: Netrunner cards… Hit me up. ;P

I admit that I prefer to play more and different types of games and not go deep diving into single games. So maybe thst is why I can still play a game that is not evolving anymore… I do enjoy both games I’ve mentioned, very much even, but I do plsy many others and intend to keep doing so. And the thing is, I may put less money into that, than many people put down into a couple of CCG:s. So to me (not saying this is right or wrong) I find more enjoyment out of the same thing during a longer time span, not (necessarily) more time played.

This who I am as a person too. I like to learn. I would not say that I am an expert at anything. I play way more boardgames than alot of my friends, but if we are playing Magic the Gathering or Transformers TCG I wouöd ask my friends who are WAY more invested in that for help. But then again I mostly play for fun. I enjoy to play games and meet new people and play with friends and strangers.

Enough rambling!

What is your stand on “dead games”?

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What to play when on your way?

As this year started I got a new job (new year new me?). I am very grateful, but the job is not very close to my home. I don’t want to play a mobile game (wait 10 minutes or pay $30), I want something more like a complete boardgame or such that I can play when I’m traveling to and from work. It would be beneficial if this game could be played solo.

I have destroyed humanity more times than what is OK in Plague inc. I tried Legendary (the free version with no IP attached), which I did not find very entertaining… I play some Fly Casual (X-wing), but that drains the battery faster than a I could drink a milkshake thru a straw.

Does anybody have any good tips? I am asking since I want a good “port”. And bot something that does not work or is not the real deal.

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I wrote about this game in a previous post about introductory games. So lets talk a little more about why I think that.

In Luxor you essentially play as grave robbers. You are delving deeper and deeper into the grave of a Pharao. The game ends when the two sarcophogi in the middle has been picked up. This can be done by two different players or the same player. When you go deeper into the grave, which is a a winding square that gets smaller and smaller, some things happen. There are three places where you get more wooden figures that start at the entrance of the grave. You do this by going past the spot where they stand. You also can pick up some treasures. There are three types of treasures. Which are worth a different amount of points depending on how many little figurws of your have to stand on it to get it. In the end of the game you get more points if you have sets of these different treasures 1 set gives you [insert points up to three sets] and so on.

When you get a treasure you simply grab it off the board and give yourself that many points on the point tracker that goes around the map. (We do it a little different, we place the points from the treasures at the end of the game, because we think it is more interesting to not know anyones points befirehand.) If you see a little picture of an animal on top of the square where you picked up the treasure you lay down a corresponding tile from that animals pile. This is where it starts to get interesting. [Shift Enter] There are many different things that happen on these tiles. Some lets you get a scarab with some points on them. There is one with a kind of parchment on it that you can use in place of one of the treasures. Some have a a little key on them. You need a key to enter the room with the sarcophogi, if you have more keys than you use they are each worth 1 point at the end of the game. There are hidden passages that always brings your people to the hidden passage door that is rhe furthest down in the grave. If there is no other door, nothing happens. Then there are the tiles that lets you get a special movement card. Which leads us in tonthe movement part of the game which is very interesting.

A picture of my lovely fiancé. Who might have won this game with one point…

You start with five cards on your hand. And you remove a card from your hand to do the movement on said card. But here is the kicker. Of the five cards on your hand, you can only use the two cards at the edges. And when you pick up a new card you have to put that in the middle of the cards on your hand. [Shift Enter] The standard movement cards are one step forwards or backwards, 2, 3, 4, 5 steps and roll a dice and take that many steps. Then on the tiles there are symbols that lets you take special movement cards. There are many different cards which have different functions that helps you on your quest to rob a tomb.

You only use the cards on the edges.

The last way to get points is by getting deeper into the tomb, the deeper you are the more points you get and each meeple gets these points.

This is basically the rules. But there are more things to say about this game. [SHIFT ENTER] I talked about this game in the post about introductory games. And to me this is a really good one. You get to learn movement, hand management in an interesting way, set collection and tonread iconography. Because that is somethibg this game is really strong at. Once you read the rules there is almost no reason to looknat the rulebook. Everything is clear, except maybe the special movement cards. But they are pretty apparent to.

I don’t think I ever won in this game but if there ever is someone who have never played a board game that want to try one out when they are at my place, this will almost certainly be the one we play. Easy to learn rules, good iconography and not much else to learn than the basics of board gaming.

What is your choice of game to introduce someone new to the hobby?

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Player interaction

I have been thinking a lot about this. Many (well most…) games have player interaction in some way. Some more than others. A lot of games get the complaint that there is not enough player interaction. For me that is a weird complaint with some games. If the game is not made to have player interaction in that way, it would be really strange to have it… A fun card game I own is Mystic Vale. There is no player interaction in the game what so ever. You buy cards from a pool and then you add that to a card in your hand. So I would say the biggest interaction is if you buy a card someone else wanted. I really like that game. Another game I really like i Star Wars: X-Wing a miniatures game (2nd edition). There the player interaction is full on. You try to blow the other players ship up! They are two completely different games. Then there are cooperative games and so on…

I know people who like to play games who really dislike games where there is alot of take that and so on, but still like board games. I can tell them about games like Munchkin, but I would not think they would like it.
On the other hand I know people who LOVE to screw people over. I might not show them Race for the Galaxy, more than once…
But honestly, there are a lot of games out there for everyone. Why say something is bad for not having something it’s not meant to have? I like most games depending on who I play them with. Try playing Deep Sea Adventure with different people and that will show you some interesting thinking…

Different people like different things. That’s what I like about people. I love to sit down and play a game with good people. Unless the game is fundamentally broken, I still can have fun. Maybe even if it is broken.
I have played games where people that are giving clues, are giving clues that make no sense what so ever.
I have played deception games where people are so good at decieving that I didn’t see it coming.
I played a round of Sheriff of Nottingham where one player did not smuggle a single thing and another player tried to smuggle every time.
This is what makes game fun for me. The interaction. Then again I am a competitive person that can sit down a game solo just to try and beat myself or the game. That is where player interaction is null and void for a reason… but still.

What do you think about player interaction?

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A game that we play pretty often at home is Star Realms. We have brought it along on vacation and all that. I’ve written about it before. I know that Whitewizard games know card games. I have played a couple of them. But what if they made more than “just” a card game? This is what interested me the most about Sorcerer at first. I read up on it as I usually do. I read about the complaints that the fights take way to long and that makes it overstay it’s welcome. Well… To each their own.

A picture of the Sorcerer board game box
The box

Sorcerer is a game where you start of building your deck. Most deckbuilders make you build your deck from scratch and take a long while to get right. In Sorcerer There are three parts to a deck. And each part has 4 different parts of a whole deck to chose from.
First you chose a Character. In the base game there are four characters which all have special effects and cards.
Second you chose a Lineage. There are four of these as well. This is basically half of the cards in your deck. Here you chose a style of deck. They work in different ways.
And the last one is Domain, basically where you are from. Here you get more creatures and some sorceries that you can cast on your opponents.

When you have chosen of of each of these you have 40 cards in your deck 3 cards that just have effects on them (The top card of the three piles). That is the deckbuilding. Mix your cards well and you are basically ready to play.

Well… There are more steps to it. You get a player board too.
On this player board you get 6 actions per round, you keep your energy, a good cheat sheet and a place to kepp your omen tokens.
The omen tokens lets you reroll dices in the battle phase. Sometimes when you place a minion on one of the battlefields you get an omen token. They are really helpful and lets you reroll your OR your opponents dice.
There are also 4 battlefields where you place your avatar each round and that is where you are allowed to place your minions (you only play with three battlefields in a two player game).

A picture of one of the setupsin sorcerer i played.
One of the setups I have tried out.

After you have made your 6 actions in a round it is time for the battlephase. The first player will start attacking on the center board and then the opponent will attack and then when they are done there you will battle at the battlefield to the left of the first player.
The battle in itself is where most people think it takes too long… I get that. But for me, that is where the hard choices begin. As the first player you chose which minion you will attack with. You roll as many dice as you have attack on that minion. If you are happy with what you rolled you may not use an omen token. But if you are happy, but your opponent is not, THEY may use omen tokens to reroll your dice. This goes on until both have passed on rerollong dice. OH and as the first player, you get a “First player token”, this one lets you say “Reroll all of your dice” or if you want to reroll all of your dice. That is a gamble… After all the rolling you get to divvy up the damage.
The dice have three different kinds of symbols (besides blanks). One is a skull, which means one damage. Another one is a two skulls, I let you figure that one out. The third one is a pentagram (omen). This is where it gets REALLY interesting for me. When attacking if you have have skulls, the defender decides where the damage goes. The defender may deal damage to all different creatures if they like or all to one, or even to the battlefield. If I do 12 damage to a battlefield I win that battlefield. But if I get the pentagram on the dice I as the attacker gets to chose where the damage goes. And depending on how it looks on that battlefield it really makes a difference. If my opponent has no minions there, the dice counts as a double hit (unless they had minions there this round). I have won a game where my opponent had one single point left on the battlefield and he made me reroll four times but I still got the pentagram and could place it on the battlefield.

A picture of the table playing sorcerer. One battlefield has gone to me and the other ones are still being fought over.
This is in the middle of the battlephase.

So yes, the battles take a long time. But to me that is where it gets really strategic. Even with dice! The fact that you get that many combinations of decks in the base game and the entry level of deckbuilding makes it really worth the money for me.
I got it at a discount yes… But come on.
And the fact that it is GORGEOUS art in the game, does not make it any worse. It is dark, gritty and in many cases straight out yucky.

There are at the moment one expansion of each part of the deck and one expansion of three new battlefields that also adds effects on the battlefields. And I think I will buy them, just to add a little more to the game.

In conclusion I like it. I think there is a lot for the money in the base game but I still want more just to get even more out of it. It’s not a review, I just wanted to talk a little about the game. You may not like the same things as I do. And you know what. That’s fine. If you think the battle phase sounds boring and tedious, it might be that for you. For me that is where I stand up and look at all the cards on the board and in my hand, and really try to wrap my head around the best possible choice. Because the next round is my opponents and that will most likely suck for me…

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A weekend of boardgaming

This weekend has been a bit massive with boardgaming. A friend of mine who has a podcast in swedish about board- and roleplaying, came over with a couple of more friends and even more friends came over and we played a whoöe bunch of games! We played Underwater cities (we only had time for one era…), Sheriff of Nottingham, Decrypto, Just One, Time’s Up and Wingspan.

All but Just One was new to me. It is a quick cooperative word guessing game where everybody but one person knows the word and need to write down one word to help the last person to guess the right word. But if two or more people write the same clue, it will get erased. So everybody writes something down that is helping them, kind of. Because if it’s too easy, someone else probably will also write it down. Which makes this game really fun! For example, if we had the word pipe. One person writes Popeye, because he has a pipe. Another person writes down tobacco and a third one writes down sewer. Those three words are not coherent for one kind of pipe. So you have to use your imagination and try to think like the person who DON’T know the word. Makes for some interesting wordchoices. Really fun party game!

Decrypto is more complicated. You divide everyone into two teams. Each team gets a “decryptor” and 4 cards that only your team can see. These cards all have one word written on them. And under the card, on the deceyptor, there is a number. One person gives clues to the words on the cards that both teams hear and will try and guess the numbers the word is attached too. Each round a person draws a card that says three numbers so you give clues to a different combination of the words. (3-2-4, next time 4-1-2 for example) makes for a really interesting game. Giving a clue that your team can understand seeing the words, yet cryptic enough that the other team can not get them together. I really liked that game. Oh, if your team can’t guess the right combination twice you lose. If the other team guesses the right combination twice they win. It might seem hard to grasp without seeing it, but it was really interesting playing!

Sheriff of Nottingham is a bluffing game where you try to get the most coins by getting wares by the sheriff. There are many legal goods that give you points but the contraband gives so way more coins, so it’s hard to resist. Apples give you two points each but a single contraband can give you fifteen. If the sheriff looks in a bag where there is no contraband he has to give money to that player, but if there is contraband the player has to pay a fine to the sheriff. Players can try to bribe the sheriff to not look in the bag. But then again, other players can bribe the sheriff to look in another players bag too! After every turn the sheriff role goes to the next player and everybody gets to be the sheriff twice. In the end you get points (money) based on every good you have, if you have the most or second to most of a single ware. Most money win. It’s a stupidly easy and fumny game that takes minutes to learn and I think you can pull out with almost anybody! It might make it to my shelves to, soonish.

Time’s Up is basically a quiz game on time. With a really interesting twist. You get to use the same cards 3 times. The first time you get to describe the words as much as you like, without saying the actual words on the card. The second round, same cards, one word, you get to pass if you like and make as much gestures and sounds as you like. Third round. NO words. Only sound and gestures. Oh, and you only get 30 seconds on every turn! A very interesting game with a lot of laughter and trying to figure out peoples references and everything else. We had the advantage in our team with two people who have an interest in film. We took most of the film cards. But oh man… there were some weird references. Someone humming Black Sabbaths “iron man” to get “sgt Peppers lonely heart club band” in the last round. It was beautiful!

Underwater cities we only played one era of because there was no time for more. That game I really want to play more. Some really interesting tactics that can be used in that! Three actions per turn to get what you need and almost never get. I have bo idea who was actually winning because everybody played it for the first time and everybody used different tactics. The game basically wants you to build the best… well underwater network of cities. By placing cities, structures and corridors. I really like city builders so this was a new twist for me that actually themewise stuck.

While we are on theme… WingspanMan do I get the hype! There is a reakly good game there. But man the theme just brings it over the top. It works perfectly. I got dead last but still really enjoyed it. The beauty of the game, the mechanics, the quality of the components even the rulebook is enjoyable! This will definitely be played many more times. Who knew birds could get this interesting! Maybe Elizabeth Hargrave. Getting food to place the birds in the right habitat, laying eggs, and drawing new birds to try and get out. That is basically it. But this is damn good. And so good everything. Just beautiful all around. Look it up if you can.

And play more games!!!

Christmas gaming

This year we celebrated christmas at my fiancés parents groups. That is why I playtested a couple of games before hand and took Second Chance, Welcome to… with me. My fiancé also brought along Skip-Bo, a game where she wins atleast 90% of the time.

First we got to my fiancés mother and her husband. My plan from the beginning was to introduce them to something new and then up the difficulty a little bit. We started out with Second Chance, a simle flip and write where you flip up 2 cards and chose one of them to put on your grid. We played a couple of rounds and they got the bug.

Then we took out Skip-Bo, I think most people are more comfortable with something recognisable. Numbers on cards. You get a number of unknown cards in a pile that you want to get rid of. The only card you can see is the top card… (I will write about it in another post. This makes no sense…)We played a couple of rounds of that. They realised I was not lying about not veing able to beat my fiancé in this game. The closest I came was 1 card of 15. I asked what they thought about Second Chance and if they wanted to try something similar, but a little more complicated and a lot more fun. They were on board.

We explained the rules for Welcome to… and there were a few furrowed brows but we decided to start playing. A bunch of questions during the first round, but after calculating the points they immediately wanted to play again and again! We played 6 games of Welcome to… so I think they liked it. 🙂 They even talked about buying their own copy. So I know what I am getting them the next birthday they have.

Next on our trip was my Fiancés dad and his wife. Here we went straight for Welcome to… It might not have been the right choice. We played a couple of games of it, one really liked it but the other not so much.

This is where we mostly play quiz games, but I think they both were pretty tired after all the christmas hubbub. Insted they took something out that I have not played for… I don’t know how long. Yatzy. I don’t know if you know this, but I am bad at rolling dice. This makes Yatzy a game I fear. But it actually went not terrible! I was not last and wasn’t THAT far behind. But Yatzy maybe is not a game that I would suggest to play… But still fun to play a game that I haven’t played for many years and seeing the role reversal to them being confident in the game and me asking for the rules for a game they find really simple.

Then we started to play the card games. These are games they play alot and are very good at. Palace and Oh Hell. A couple of games of Palace went by really fast when you are four people. I will write more about card games later on, but it’s a “don’t be the last guy with cards” game. Where the twos are jokers that start everything over and then tens get rid of the pile. With four people each game takes around 10 minutes tops.

Oh hell on the other hand I am notoriously bad at when we play. It’s a “trick taking” game where you guess, based on your cards, how many tricks you can take. Which means every players gets a certain numver of cards and guesses how many times they will have the highest card of each color. I have never won. I have never been in the top three of four people in it… My fiancés dad has won 90 percent of the times we have played and I have always been last. So he was a bit cocky and wanted to end rhe night on a win. But this time I won! I was amazed! How? Why? I don’t know. He demanded a recount of the game. I demanded a recount of the game. But it was right. I went to bed with a smile on my face and he went of muttering something about a no good guy being with his daughter… 😀

What have you been playing with your friends and family over the holidays?

Play more games!!!