Valeria Card Kingdoms (Solo)

This i the game that made me get rid of Space Base. In Valeria Card Kingdoms you basically roll 2 dice, look at the cards on the table in front of you, use the numbers on the dice to get bonuses, to buy new cards or kill monsters. So simple ans so much fun!

Trying to defeat the monsters to get the Duke to show himself.

Each turn you start by rolling the dice and then do the harvest phase, where you basically just use the card effects of the cards in front of you. and every time you roll, everybody is engaged because they get an effect too! Then after that, you use what you have off the different meters on your player board: Gold (to buy stuff), Attack (to… attack stuff?) and Magic (that can be used as both). And then you also have the experience bar there but that is just points. Who cares about points!?
Now in the activation phase you can either buy a new card (either a character or a domain, which have different effects) or you can fight a monster! the monster gives you points and some bonuses for killing them, and each stack has 5 monsters and they get stronger the deeper you go throught the stack, and when you have defeated the last monster in the stack, if you are like me and hate yourself, you get to add another thing! either a monster even or an event card. These are each different but just make it a little bit more difficult. Then you rinse and repeat until all the monsters are dead or you have depleted enough piles of cards.

The Dukes forces are getting wrecked!

In the solo game though, here i t gets interesting. each time you roll the dice, that pile of monsters erase 1 card from that column. and you roll 2 dice every turn. so you better be wuick getting through each pile of monsters before they get rid of all the characters, and after that domain cards, because if they do… It’s game over man! Game over! Alsoyou have a Duke card that gives you bonuses on different combinations of cards. And in the solo mode they “AI” get an evil duke to! This time… He was not very good… Not very good at all. For the AI. I on the other hande competely destroyd him and left him in tears and running home to Mama Duke.
I did not know which duke I was against but he did not get many points at all… I think I got more than twice as much… And my wife usually destroys me at this game. But still it’s a wonderfulgame and I have expansion for it, even the campaign expansion that I have not yet looked at. Because I want to play it with my wife.
Just try out the game where you can. Beuatiful art as always by Mihajlo Dimitrievski, who may or might not be my favorite…

He did not fare very well…
My points are better than… Reese the Firebrands.

Have you tried out any of the Valeria games? What did you think?

Play more games!!!

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