Tiny Epic Galaxies (solo)

Back with another solo playthrough! This time with Tiny Epic Galaxies with the expansion Beyond the Black.

Tiny Epic Galaxies is just what the title says. Tiny, Epic and… Galaxies…? In the “regular” game you roll dice to get to go to different planets and getting points by using different “strategies”, politics or economy, two different sides of the dice, to convert the planets to your side. you can also upgrade your galaxy by getting more dice and ships to expand quicker. and in the Expansion you actually get to go to other galaxies.

In the beginning there was peace…

I actually have played this one before and got absolutely demolished by the AI. This time the dice where more on my side and I actually kind of destroyd it… If I did it correctly…? Anyway, this is a game that I actually thinnk should be in most collections. Simple to teach and fun to play. Not to much to think about when you are playing with friends but maybe not the game I would pick to play solo again. It is way to Swingy with the dice. They get to use one symbol of the dice on all of the ships when converting planets. Which can be devasting really quickly. And they get all their ships at once, which can be horrible if the planets that are out are all the same and they get to move on all of them at the same time. If all of their ships is one their home base, and you roll energy or culture, the first turn? They get to upgrade immediately and so on.

Does this look right to you?
Then I think I …crushed it?

A little to much luck for my taste. But I have bought a few more Tiny Epic games (and sold TE Western…) So I shall see what they bring.

What is your favorite Tiny Epic Game? And What is your favorite Space game?

Play more games!!!

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