My past gaming week. Week 5

This was not a good week for my stats against my Wife…
We played 4 of the games we need to go throuogh this week. So we are working through them little by… more some weeks.

First we played Mystic Vale because I am very interested in that system but in another game namely Edge of Darkness. This is because I really like the card crafting system, but the theme is really taking me out of it in Mystic Vale. In Mystic Vale you are druids who are trying to take back the land that is dying or something? By crafting more powerful cards. You start with a set of cards and you do not gain or trash any cards during the game. BUT you do upgrade them. Each card has 3 spots where you can upgrade them. Some of the cards are blank, some have a magic dot that you use for buying new upgrades and some have decay. These decay cards are what makes the game hard. If you have 2 of them in your field and you pull out another one, you either stay or try to push your luck (this will be a theme for todays post). Push your luck mechanic is a really fun mechanic to me unless the luck decided to go away for the day.

Mystic Vale. The start of the game.

My wife won by a landslide. I knew that even before we started counting the points. She got alot more turns with more cards and steadil worked her way forward. I on the other hand got a great hand, three to four bad ones and them a great one again. That is not the way to win. She won 43-19. It was a trainwreck.

Next came Call to Adventure. More of a storytelling game. You try to tell a story by solving cards and getting a story. At the start of the game you get to chose 3 cards that is who you are and who you are becoming these cards all give bonuses of some sort and points at the end of the game. This time I got really bitter… I am not proud of it. Again I had no chance. You get new runes by defeating the cards in front of you so you get new symbols and get stronger.
The runes I had where not the runes that I needed in the end. Fine. I get them during the game. No. There was one card during the entire game that was no all of the symbols I did not have or just the symbols I had. So it was really hard getting points. I got a real good story, but not much else.
My wife won 48-26 My lowest point by far in that game.

Call to Adventure.

On to something with a teeny tiny bit of more control. Deep Sea Adventure.
In Deep Sea Adventure you are trying to go deep enough to get points, but still have enough air to get up to the submarine and get the points. This game is pure luck with the dice, but still you can play the odds a little bit. I got up to the submarine twice as my wife did not. At all. This was her time to get frustrated, but she honestly handled it better than me… this ended 27-0 in my favor.

Deep Sea Adventure ended in my favor.

The last game we played frustrated me beyond belief. The Quacks of Quedlinburg. This is a really fun push your luck game… If your luck was not on vacation. The game is simple enough. White is bad. You don’t want to draw white chits out of your bag. Fill it with other chits. I did. The first time my pot exploded there was a a 1 in 13 chance that it would explode. POOF! The second time it happened 1 in 13 again. exactly the same as last time. The third time it was 1 in 16. This is when I drew the line… No more push your luck games for a few weeks… I still really like the game. But when 3 out of 8 rounds end on those terms it was kind of hard to not get a little sour on it. My wife won again 44-33.

The start of our game. Before I went to a bad place.

This leaves the total of 8 – 7 in favor of my wife.

One of these games might not stay in the library. Which one do you think it is?

Play more games!!!

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