Thinking about playing games solo…

I was thinking about playing games solo and write about it. I want to play more than my wife. and I am home on the weekdays before she is, so there is some time where I can play something just to get the plays in.

The first game I played was It’s a Wonderful World. Just doing the “basic” solo missions from the rulebook, just to try it out. I have the heritage box, so if my wife decides not to play it I still have alot of material to go through alone in those expanion missions.

The starting cards from the second solo mission in the game.

It’s a Wonderful World is a drafting game at it’s core (and engine building to your hearts content), which is kind of hard to play solo. But there is as I said before solo missions in the rulebook.

How it ended up. Not to shabby. But not good enough.

In the regular game you play by getting a hand of cards, choosing one and then giving that hand away to the next player and getting another players hand of cards, choosing one and so on. When that is done you choose what to do with those cards. Do you want to build them for your engine or do you want to trash them for a single cube to use for your other buildings? That is entirely up to you! After the draft ofcourse. Are the cards you want still there or did the card that gave you a green cube gone?

It is a simple yet entertaining game (I love engine building) where the draft really can make our brake it for you. The solo mode is easier in that regard.
In the solomode you get 8 piles of 5 cards each that you get to go through during the game. Of them you can do basically what you like. Even discard them for other cards and hope to whatever you believe in, they are better.
The thing with the solo game is that you get around 4 cards that you have to build before the 8th round (which is pretty easy), but then you also get ranked on the points you get. I was 5 points away from gold once and the other time I barely got bronze. So it’s highly dependent on the cards you get. Which I often like. Tactics over strategy.

Would you like to read more about my solo playing? And if so, what would would you like to read more about? Deeper cuts of the game or just the basics? Going through a complete campaign or just play and go away?

What is your favorite solo game?

Play more games!!!

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