Last Week Went by, then sick…

So last week went by, and then time just continued for some reason. Fever, headache and no Corona. Who would have thunk there was still other illnesses?

We only got to play one game last week… But boy was it a doozy! We played Mansions of Madness! I got most of the expansions, but we only played one scenario, they take a while you see… And we did not make it. As soon as there were a mob, we knew we were doomed.

We have all played it before and we intend to keep it, and maybe buy the last two expansions just to make it complete.

We all got insane and got an ending that was not to our liking, but we still hade fun. I think it’s a game that should be played more often than once every 5-24 months. 😛
I don’t want to spoil too much but it was a fun game and one day I hope we will have played through all the scenarios, atleast once, just to have done it.
The game is so atmospheric and you just get sucked in into the game and there is just enough to keep you going forward,or in oour case, stepping sideways.

Of what I have seen there is something missing in it for me. I don’t know if there is, but I hope there are insane cards that are just “discard all your face down fear” and nothing else. Just so the players are more paranoid, but maybe for no reason. Mine was that I should stand next to another player with a knife and then I would win. I was the only one without a knife, but still think that would kind of ruin the game, for the other players. The mechanic for me would be better with things that are more indirect and less “win if you kill them”. Maybe start fires? Get claustrophobic? waste actions, stepping forwards and backwards (not every action ofcourse) and more. Maybe they are there? I haven’t looked through them all, because I like to be surprised by stuff like that while playing.
We had one last time where one player could not speak to us anymore during the game. It was weird, but still pretty fun.

Sadly I did not take any pictures this time. I was way into reading with my not very Bostonian accent. Just feels better with british…

All in all we are keeping the game and the expanisions, maybe even getting some more. My wife is a completionist.

What do you think about games that use an app to steer you in the right (or wrong) direction? Do you fear the game will “die” and be unplayable?

Play more games!!!

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