A belated week 3

Week 3 was not as I planned. We only got to play one game. But oh what a game!

The box of Maracaibo

Maracaibo. We have played it previously and very much enjoyed it. But this time it was a a battle! This game will not be leaving any time soon. It was an incredibly tight game and I saw the gears turning in my wifes head. The final score was 194-189 and we kept jumping over each other on every new scoring segment. I really like the tightness of the game and the variability in both cards and boardspaces. Even though we played a “non story” game it still brings you in. I wish there were more quests out on the board each round, but I also completely understand why there are so few.

After some quick admin in getting away some cards and counting or final score.

For now, I am in the lead with 6-5 wins so far in the games. So it is pretty darn close and there are a whole lot of games between now and when we are done

What is your favorite sailing around game?

Play more games!!!

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