A belated week 2 update

Week 2 of going through the games of our collection went a lot slower. Only down to the 2 games we “need” to play. But oh what games they were!

Clank! In space! Just a simple deckbuilder that we both love and decided to keep. Building up your deck with all the little nods to different sci-fi movies and series to steal and escape (only one of us made it) from Lord Eradikus, with his captains chair being the bounty of all boounties. We have both this and the Acquisitions Incorporated Legacy game that we get to play again and decide if we keep or get rid of. Honestly we have not played the Legacy varaint for a long while now, but still brings back good memories just looking at the box.

A picture just before we started playing Clank! In space!

The other game we played was SpaceCorp 2025-2300AD with the Ventures expansion. A really good game, but it felt like my corp really had the upper hand on hers this time around. I would like to see how well the different corps go together and play best.
Still a wonderfully easy yet engaging game. I think that the exploration really comes through in this one, even though I don’t think it’s perfect. It looks some more daunting than it really is.

A picture just before we started playing SpaceCorp

I think I have been pretty clear about keeping these games in our library. But just to be clear. They are staying.

This week I have planned for us to play 3 games. 3 games that I am not sure about keeping in the library, because they would not be played at all. More about that next week since we haven’t played any one of them yet. I think that the week after that should be a round of quicker easier games again just get some room to play the heavier with a little more time and not feel so stressed about it.

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