The beginning of this year.

The first week of going through the board game library is almost done! We started out strong when I pointed out that there are some games that are alot harder to both learn and play and the fact that we maybe won’t be playing every week for different reasons.
My wife is in the lead with 5-3 wins. Which hurt alot more in Red Rising after I had to banish a card and she could take 2 banished cards and add to her hand in the end and by that won with 6 points…After playing these 8 games we have realised:

The gambits for Star Realms are too swingy (2 ongoing gambits that are better than every other gambit)

Two gambits from Star Realms

Wingspan is still beautiful and a calming game to play.

Wingspan, with one of my favorite birds the Hooded Warbler with his fake beard.

Hadrians Wall is an amazing game. But about as solo as a game can be. Once you got the resources you bow your head and only lift your head to look at 2 cards with a very low impact on the other players.

Hadrians wall on normal difficulty. A whole lot of things to remember.

Red Rising is a really interesting game that is lifted by having read the books.

Red rising such a interesting game. I personally prefer it to Fantasy realms with a little more depth.

Reykholt is oh so beautiful and farming is a theme that we both love.

Reykholt. Such a gorgeous looking game!

Suburbia is simple and relaxing to play with some thinkiness to it. And the metalcoins are amazing but does not fit the game…

The start of Suburbia with a couple of expansions

Welcome to… is one of my favorite Flip and writes. So simple, so good looking and quick but rewarding.

Welcome to… not getting a great score. 😜

Luxor is one of my favorite games to show someone who wants to go into the hobby. It has many different mechanics to show you and to make other games maybe a little bit eaasier to grasp.

Luxor. I ran ahead a little too far with this. It still was a pretty close game.

And that one of these games sadly is going out of the library…

After the first week this feels pretty good! Aside from the losing part… But still, we said that whoever wins decides where to go on a weekend trip and we are pretty much synced up in where we want to go. But even more we got a running start on this thing! The idea was to play Feudum today, but when we got upstairs she took out some other games instead. So good that we have more time for the little heavier games that are coming.

What is your hopes of getting done this gaming year? 

Play more games!!!

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