Am I back? Hopefully.

It’s been a …time. Alot of things happened, happens and will continue to happen so why not take some time off and do what makes me happy?

My vision for this year will come first and then the parts that are a little bit personal, not boardgamey and not in detail, will come later in the post. Since that is probably not why tyou are here.

My vision for 2022 is to be more outgoing and be more online and talkative. If you are swedish, I am part of Mindy Bräd och Rollspelspodd. Where you can find me in different ways, where I also stream atleast once a month. Which is also something I would love to do more! If I find time for it, I will do my best to make my own stream in english, because if I am really, really lucky I will be able to play with some of the wonderful people in this hobby. And that is alot easier with a language that is… well, ALOT bigger than swedish.

I am basically starting over from scratch to do this, since I’ve been focusing on other things over writing or even taking a quick photo of the game I am playing. As a part of Mindy I have only been doing things that other people are dependent on me for being done, which is how I started streaming and playing with people all over the country and hopefully in the future, the world. The ease of it today makes it almost better than playing the game on the table. You can play with someone anywhere in the world,you can play games you don’t own, you don’t even have to be able to play at the same time (even though that is preferable). But it does have it’s downsides. You don’t get that tactile feeling that I love. But still hopefully something I will start with during this year.

We played some West kingdom Tomesaga (which I won ;p )

Another thing that I will be doing is going through and play all of the games in our board game library with my wife. It was her idea and I am not qomeone who would turn that down! We have played 3 games so far and will have to play atleast 3 games a week to be able to do this. Really looking forward to this! Especially since it was her idea and I get to see her play some of my absolute favorites that she hasn’t played yet.

Other than that I will just try to continue with what is going on and take some pictures of the games we play.

An old game of Gloomhaven

Now for the not specific and not so fun part. Basically the past 16 months have been really rough. And after a while I decided not to try anymore with things that I didn’t have to do. Basically just existing and going to work, was what I had the strength to do. I am not nearly where I want to be, but I also think that I need to start somewhere and do things that are things that I want to do, for myself. Because even though there is no obligation to do this, in any way, it started to feel like a job that was overwhelming, just to take a picture for instagram. And since I didn’t have to do it, I just stopped. Even though it was something that I liked doing and started to be a part of a community that I have loved from the outside for years.

Hopefully I will have the strength to continue and have the will to be much, much better and evolve into something that people would like to take part in.

So for the first time in way to long.

Play more games!!!

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