It’s been a while…

Well. Like I said up there… skip the next paragraph to get to the board games.

There has been a lot going on in the world since I last wrote here. And what tjat has done to the world is making it somewhat harder to do our hobby. I love in Sweden where the restrictions are pretty easygoing because of the rulesystem we have. You cannot order the public to stay at home but our politicians are very apparent that they want us to stay at home and have done what they can within the ruleset they habe to work with. Then there are the people that I think are in every country, the idiots, that still go on vacation and wpnder why there is such a problem coming home. Having parties, one party hade 70 people and 50 came out having corona… Sooo… yeah… not brightest bulbs in the kitchendrawer.

But still! There has been times where some board games have seen the light of day. I bought Clank! Legacy, Aqcuisitions Incorporated, which has been the game we have mostly played when we come home from work. This has made my instagram pretty empty too, because as it is a legacy game, it’s hard to take pictures and talk about it without spoiling it. But man is it fun! The game is aalmost everything I want. The only downside for me is that it is a legacy game and not a campaign game. I am one of those people who don’t like ripping my cards or burning witches and stuff like that, so we keep everything but away from everything else. But why not make a campaign game where you have the option to exchange cards instead of burning or ripping them?

Well I got try out a game with one of my childhood heroes in it that is just that, yesterday! A friend of mine told me a coupele of hisbfriends are working on a game that is coming out on kickstarter may 1st. The Phantom the card game. That is a campaign deckbuilder for 1-2 players that lets you build your deck and takes you through some adventures on the way. I will talk about that more in the coming week, since I only had time to try it once so far.

I also played some It’s a wonderful world. This game is so easygoing and I was reeaally happy that my fiancé liked it, because I am an all-in backer for the heritage edition on kickstarter… I love building things. I am just that simple. Give me a gale where i build, or even better, build an engine and I am Hooked! There is almot always a good puzzle in there for the brain to figure out. But this game also have enough cards that it makes it interesting enough to play again and again. There are so many different cards, some of which there are only one, in the deck of 182 cards. So that is really fun and replayable.

I played more Monumental, a game that is so much fun but still some funky things tonwork out. It is so beautiful that you almost forget it though. But I have not decided if I should buy it or not when it comes back on Kickstarter… It really is that fun and beautiful either way.

Between al this I have played Final Fantasy remake so there has been some time going in to that also.

Next time I will write about some fun stuff instead of just doing an update of what i played. But today you get what you got… sorry.

What have you been playing during these special times?

Play more games!!!

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