Why do we like board gaming?

But back to the point. I prefer to go to the shelf, pick out a game and spend minutes setting up the game, play one game, if I want to play more, do another setup, then pack everything down and put it back on the shelf. Instead of double clicking on a game and then play it, stop playing and then do to something else.

I have been thinking about this for a while. I have always played games. But it’s only the last 3 years that I have really been getting into board gaming. Before that I have been gaming on a computer or on some kind of console. But lately I have even started to prefer to play solo in a board game rather than a computer game. There are of course exceptions to this, when there comes a game I have been looking forward to for years, I might actually play it. Or even just do that for a couple of days…

But back to the point. Instead of double clicking on an icon on my computer, I find myself going to the shelf, pick out a game, put it down on the table, spend minutes to do a setup, play a game, maybe do another setup, play again and then pack everything up and put it back on the shelf. Why is that?

I understand it when we have friends over or even if we are just playing the two of us. The social interaction is worth so much to everyone, whether we knownit or not. A little anecdote. A couple of years ago, a friend and I talked about what we were going to do that day, he had not met a friend in over a week and I had not been in a room alone for over 2 weeks. He invited me and some friends over for some board games, I declined because I desperately needed to be alone when I had the chance. The next day we met up, both renewed. Both were smiling and happy. For very different reasons, but still. You need social interaction in your life (and in my case, sometimes you need to be able to be alone too).

But solo? Some games I play solo doesn’t even have a regular solomode! I find some player made online.

So this made me wonder. Why? I think it may be the ritual of it. Taking something out. Placing everything on the right spot, dealing out cards, do the things that need to be done and when you are done you put it away. There is something calming about that.

Or maybe it is the thing I love about sunday breakfasts. Sitting down and having time to do something. Or really just having time. Not taking it.

Or is it because there is some kind of order? You need to know the rules when playing a board game. In a computer game you abide by laws you cannot read. They are just there. You don’t need to learn them, just trial and error.

I would love to know what you like or love about board gaming! Write a comment and tell me.

And as always. Play more games!!!

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