Kickstarter (exclusives)

So… I have been pretty cautious about kickstarter for a long, looong time. I actually just recently bought games for the first time. I both like and dislike it. I really like getting exclusives and I really dislike not getting them… I can’t possibly buy every game I want to on kickstarter, which is fine.

But it kinda sucks when a game wont even come to retail at all afterwards. Even if I do get it. I recently played a game that I really loked that was… lets just say, more than expensive. But even if I wanted to buy it, I can’t. It wont ever come out to retail and looking at the prices of second hand editions is just making me sad. This is such a non problem really. But if I find something I really like, that I can’t play… it’s frustrating.

I have been looking for a game that have been out of print for a while. Then I saw that a store took it in. I had no money at the time… as a student, it is sometimes hard to find the money for some games… but when I finally got the money, it was sold out. They got 7 copies of the game and it was sold out in a couple of days…

But then again. It’s a non problem in way. But When I see a game as “kickstarter only”, it looks more like an investment than something I should play. And that’s not right to me.

Just needed to vent a little bit. 🙂

What is your stand on Kickstarter only games?

Play more games!!!

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