Guilty pleasures.

We all have a guilty pleasure. Something we like that we really should’nt, or feel ashamed that we like. We all have a movie or music that we listen to behind closed doors. Atleast I know I have…
But what about a guilty pleasure board game? What game do you like that you maybe not will proclaim to the world? Since not very many people read this I thought I would give you an example of mine. The Game of Life. If anyone has played it, you know it’s not all that super deep or anything like that. But… If you play it with someone that enjoys it. Atleast I can find it funny. It is so simple, and let us talk a little bit about the realism of the game, of which there are… none.

I bought it for basically no money, it would be hard for me to motivate it for me and even harder to motivate it for my fiancé! But after being a lawyer that was fired for sleeping on the job and becoming an actor, she actually found it a little entertaining. I was a veterinarian who brought my cat to work and got fired… The stories and twist and turns of this game, makes it hilarious. That and the fact that you, I think, sell your kids at the end of the game. Which I actually find kind of wierd and maybe not a really good part of the game… Selling people might not be a thing we should teach our kids… And I see this game as a kids game. And the fact that I sold all my four kids and still didn’t win made me feel sad…

Other than that I actually am pretty proud of the games in my library. Maybe not all of them deserve a spot in the “Boardgame top 100” but all of them makes me happy to play. I tried to think of which game I would sell to buy another one and actually had a hard time deciding. Some games don’t get played as much as I would like. But when I looked over the games, I didn’t know which one it would be! Maybe one version of Munchkin? But then it would be harder to play if we were more people and they wanted to play it. Even though I don’t really know when the last time we played it was. It’s a game that’s fun to pull out from time to time, but not to often.

But do you have a guilty pleasure game? Which one?

Play more games!!!

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