Tiny Epic Galaxies

A little deep dive into a game that just makes me smile. And I am not really certain why. Tiny Epic Galaxies is a game with a tiny epic galaxy in a little box. Gamelyn games have made it their business to make small box games that pack a big punch. This is a really good one.

A picture of the Tiny Epic Galaxies box
THe Tiny Epic Box

In Tiny Epic Galaxies you are fighting for new planets to win. Each planet has a number of points, usually depending on how hard it is to get the planet. When a player gets to 21 points, it ends the game.
In it’s core this is a dice rolling game. You roll dice and use the different results on different things. There are 6 sides on each dice that all show different things.

A picture of the different sides on the dice.
The different symbols on the dice
  • A ship symbol
    This lets you move a ship to either orbit a planet to try and score it or to land on it and possibly gain it’s resources.
  • Energy symbol
    Lets you gain energy if you have ships on a space that gives you that. You use energy to reroll your dice or to upgrade your colony track to get more dice, ships and points.
  • Culture symbol
    Same as above but culture. With culture you can “follow” another players action. If the other player uses the ship symbol to fly to a planet, you may follow that action for a culture point. You may then move your ship to any place you want. Or if they want to move further on a diplomacy or economy track you can follow that too.
  • Economy symbol
    If you have a ship orbiting a planet that need Economy to score, you need this side.
  • Diplomacy symbol
    If you want to score a diplomatic planet you need to orbit it and get this symbol.
  • Colony Symbol
    Looks like a snail but have the most uses of all the dice. You can use it to upgrade your base with either culture or energy or when you score planets, each planet has a special power that you can use if you get this side of the dice.

And if you don’t like what you roll, you get a free reroll of as many dice as you like, after that it costs one energy to reroll one dice or you can use two dice to turn another dice to any side you want.

A picture of some of the secret missions in the game
Some of the seret missions

All players also get a player board. Here you can upgrade your system to get more dice or ships and even points that count towards winning.
Remember how I wrote that the game ends when anybody hits 21 points? Well… Everybody gets a secret mission card with a certain amount of points on also. Usually gets you around 3 points if you manage it. Which means that just because someone hits 21 points, it doesn’t mean they have to win.

A picture of a setup of the game for solo mode
Basically what a solo game can look like Without having the planets by your board.

There will always be 5 planets which you fight over and you can chose to orbit as many as you can. But if you orbit many planets you might not get culture or energy which you are going to need to get further up your track or help you in other ways.

This is basically the game. It’s simple, quick and alot of fun. To me atleast. As I said in the beginning. This game puts a smile on my face and I’m not sure why. There are alot of games out there. and some are better. There are games that I find better but this one is the one that makes me smile.

I also need to make a quick comment about the solo mode. It’s a dice game. It can be a pain in the buttocks if they get the dice they need. But when I got the hang of it I haven’t had as much trouble fighting the AI. But if you roll energy for it before it leaves it’s system. It’s not going to be easy…
I really like this game and will take it out for different people whenever I feel like it. Some people like it, some not. Dice are always something that divides people in games. But here they always do something. Maybe not the thing you want or can actually… do. But something. It’s your fault if you can’t do something on each side of a dice. ;P

A picture of the solomode playerboard for medium difficulty
A closer look at what the solo mode opponent looks like.

Check it out if you have the chance. It’s a cheap and tiny box with alot of fun packed into it.

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