Wingspan and Castles of Burgundy.

This weekend I had a little time over for some boardgaming. A friend came over and we played Wingspan and the Castles of Burgundy.

My friend had never played Wingspan before, so it was prett easy to lure him in. 😉

I really like Wingspan, but I don’t think I’d like it more with more than three people. There is not much to do when it’s not your turn… First time I played it was with five people and learning the rules. That was… some hours… for three people it still rolls on pretty well.

The game is so good looking to me. Brings me back looking in old flora and fauna books. And I get to win in it (needed to have that said before going to the next game…)

My friend liked it and we all feel the same way. A pretty easy and fun game, with beautiful components. Maybe the trays are abit “meh”… but them we can play without. I really like the different ways ro get pointscat the end of a round, makes for interesting play styles.

The Castles of Burgundy on the other hand went so, so this time. We tried adding the trade routes expansion. First of all I would like one clarification rule. Do you still get points and money when you sell or do you “just” get what is on the trade route?

At first I thought I would love this expansion, but it really slowed down the game and took me out of my playstyle. I don’t think I will play with it again… My fiancé won. Again… This time with about 25 points. Last time she won by having two more buildings than me. So it was pretty even that time. Now I think I only have the shields expansion left for the Castles of Burgundy. It looks really interesting that one. We will see if I like that one.

Next I only need to introduce my fiancé to Power Grid. I really think she would like that one. She likes Railways of the World and I see some similarities between them that I think she would like. That and I need to play a full game of it not solo, to see how I really feel about the game… I think I will love it.

Play more games!!!

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