The concept of “Dead games”

This is a thing that bothers me to some extent. Recently Fantasy Flight Games came out and said that after the next round of booster sets they won’t be making more for Star Wars Destiny. This means that the game will not evolve anymore by getting new cards. But does this really mean that the game is dead? To me, granted I see myself as a leisure gamer, this is like playing a computer game for 40 hours in 4 days and saying that the game is crap because there is nothing to do. (Been in one of these groups before). The game still exists. I remember when Android: Netrunner stopped being updated and people started selling their cards and stopped playing. Maybe it´s just me but to me that is just wrong. If you do love a game then why stop playing it because there will be no new cards?
Maybe I get it if that is the only game you play and tournaments is a big thing for you. I don’t have many ships for X-wing (for now…) but if they said that they would’nt support it anymore, I would not stop enjoying it and sell my ships. To me it’s still a good game and I would play if anyone would suggest it.
So if anyone has some Android: Netrunner cards… Hit me up. ;P

I admit that I prefer to play more and different types of games and not go deep diving into single games. So maybe thst is why I can still play a game that is not evolving anymore… I do enjoy both games I’ve mentioned, very much even, but I do plsy many others and intend to keep doing so. And the thing is, I may put less money into that, than many people put down into a couple of CCG:s. So to me (not saying this is right or wrong) I find more enjoyment out of the same thing during a longer time span, not (necessarily) more time played.

This who I am as a person too. I like to learn. I would not say that I am an expert at anything. I play way more boardgames than alot of my friends, but if we are playing Magic the Gathering or Transformers TCG I wouöd ask my friends who are WAY more invested in that for help. But then again I mostly play for fun. I enjoy to play games and meet new people and play with friends and strangers.

Enough rambling!

What is your stand on “dead games”?

Play more games!!!

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