What to play when on your way?

As this year started I got a new job (new year new me?). I am very grateful, but the job is not very close to my home. I don’t want to play a mobile game (wait 10 minutes or pay $30), I want something more like a complete boardgame or such that I can play when I’m traveling to and from work. It would be beneficial if this game could be played solo.

I have destroyed humanity more times than what is OK in Plague inc. I tried Legendary (the free version with no IP attached), which I did not find very entertaining… I play some Fly Casual (X-wing), but that drains the battery faster than a I could drink a milkshake thru a straw.

Does anybody have any good tips? I am asking since I want a good “port”. And bot something that does not work or is not the real deal.

(I want to) play more games!!!

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