Christmas games

I don’t know about you, but every year the families meet, eat and share presents with eachother. Then, when the smallest in the bunch has either started playing with their new toys or the even smaller ones have gone to bed, the adults bring forth “The game”. “The game” has been different for me over the years. Different families different games. Different decades, different games. But they are often played until you really don’t really want to play them again… I remember the first years… Monopoly… You don’t chose your family and this game really showed that in some ways. Then “The game” was Trivial Pursuit, and not to be that guy, but there are multiple versions of trivial pursuit and very differing difficulty levels. The first year I saw it I was terrified. I had no idea on how to answer most of the questions. But then I decided to be better, stronger, maybe even a little weird. Before bed each night for I don’t know how long, I read 5 cards from the game (I don’t know if this is cheating but maybe it is), so when the game came up next time I was ready. I got better and then they bought new versions because they found out what I had done (I did not place the cards in any order. I just wanted to be better). But then I had got the bug. I liked to learn. I was horrible at school but that’s another thing.

“The game” now changes. It is always a quiz game of some kind, but I actually like quiz games, but still, we play the same game until we get tired of it. And I don’t like that. This Christmas I will bring a couple of different games, some with questions yes, but not just the usual ones. This year you have to close your eyes and feel the questions too. So not the usual suspects. I will also bring a couple of “Flip and write” games, just to show there is more out there that can still be fun. Hopefully they will think so too. I still like quiz games, I just don’t like to play the same over and over again just to play a game. And then “The game” is not even “A game” anymore just something collecting dust on the shelf, just because that is all that was played for a while, then not at all.

I may have bought many more games than the average person, maybe not. But I think, at least to me, that if you really like to play a game. Don’t kill it by making it not fun anymore. Play the game when you want to play, not just because it is the one you know.

What games do you play on Christmas?

Play more games!!!

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