Solo play

Sometimes I have to admit that I like board games more than other people. I just want to play a game and have no one around that I can play with. This is the time where I sometimes pull out a game to play solo. I have some games that have Actual solo play and some that where some nice person on Board Game Geek has been kind enough to give out rules for possible solo modes for a game.
Sometimes the solomode is near impossible and sometimes I read the rules wrong. And sometimes you just have to outwit a mechanic.

When we play games here at home I try to give it some ambience. Music that fits, if it’s possible to dim the lights, we do. If it’s a really special occasion I might even cook food for the event that matches the theme of the game. This is all good and well for when you play with others. But what about when you play solo?

I actually think that I need more… I don’t really know what. But something. I sit down with a game and unless the game really pulls me in, the music and ambience might not make it perfect. Some video games have sent things with the deluxe versions of their games. A bloodscented candle and stuff like that. I am not much for bloodscent… but maybe i need something that smells right too? But mainly I would like the game to immerse me to that degree that I don’t see outside of the gameboard. And as far as the games that I have played solo. None of them has been able to that yet.
I think I need a game that is pretty complicated to really pull me in but also something more. I remember playing a solo version of Power grid, not the most complicated of games, but since it was the first time I played it, it made it a little more difficult. So I got more immersed.

Do you have any good tips for immersive solo games? And what makes them immersive?

As always. Play more games!!!

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