Star Realms

This is by far the most well played game we have at home. I might even go as far as to say it is my fiancees favorite game. I have the physical copy and i have it on steam and on my phone. This is a game we took with us wherever we went for a while. The original box has been destroyed for years… Know it is packed in an old whisky box and that is not the best…
This game has been played on trains, buses, airplanes, in bed, everywhere. It takes minutes to learn and gives almost endless hours of fun. (When you lose by one point it is more infuriating than fun…)

A picture of the Viper, Scout and explorer ships.
The Viper, Scout and Explorer

The rules are simple. You and your opponent has 50 authority (health) Destroy your opponent before they destroy you.
You start with 10 cards in your deck. Seven scouts and three vipers. The scouts give you one trade (currency) and the vipers give you one combat (damage). The player that starts get to draw three cards and the player after that draws the regular five. In front of the players there is a row of 5 cards that you can buy from, the pile you draw new cards from to fill up the row and a pile of explorer ships. The explorer ships cost 2 trade to buy and in return give you 2 trade and if you chose to trash (put it back in the explorer pile instead of your discard) afterwards it can also do 2 combat that round.
In the row you buy from there can be a good mix of cards. Ships, bases and outposts.
I will write about the technical part of the game further down.

A picture of 1 ship from each one of the 4 factions
4 different ships that you can buy.

The simplicity and availability in the small box this game comes in is really good! You learn the game quickly and there isn’t much text on the cards. The symbols are clear and to the point and leaves little to be desired. I have played this game hundreds if not thousands of times and each time it is different. I bought the base game and the expansion with more cards (Colony wars), and even though I have bought some more expanions, I feel this is what we play most with.
It’s cheap, it’s small and it is so much fun. If you like card drafting games this might be something for you. Even though it’s not very complex it still holds up after many plays. There are rules for playing more than one on one, but honestly I think it really shines when you only have one opponent.

I have won and I have lost in this game. I have lost by going down to -10 authority and I have won with having over 80 authority myself. the game really is different from time to time, but I would still recommend it.

There are 4 factions in the game:
Machine cult (red): Cards that often lets you trash your cards and control your deck.
Star Empire (yellow): Often lets you draw a new card or make the opponent discard cards.
Blob (green): Heavy hitters. A lot of damage is dealt by these cards.
Trade federation (blue): Have cards that often heal you or maybe put a card on the top of your draw pile.

There are basically 3 types of units you can buy in the base game:
Ships: They do what it says on the card and then goes to your discard pile (or you trash them).
Bases: After you play a base it remains up until you either trash it or the opponent destroys it and it goes to your discard pile.
Outposts: Outposts are a different kind of base. Like a base it reamins out until you either trash it is destroyed by your opponent. The difference is that if you are being attacked, your opponent MUST destroy the outposts before anything else. So it is basically a shield with benefits for you.

A picture of two bases of each type. Bases and outposts.
Bases and outposts

This is all I have to say about the game here. If you have any questions just ask.

What is your favorite card game and why?

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