#mvkneverendingbattle The Quacks of Quedlinburg

I just bought this game, but it was really fun so I chose this as my game for this turn of #mvkneverendingbattle.
We both new the rules so it was not a problem to play it and we played with the original setup, just so it wouldn’t be too complicated reading, just play.

A picture of my lovely competitor looking sneakily back at me.

After the first round I took a commanding lead with one point after her cauldron boiled over. Well… The first round doesn’t really matter too much but still, it feels good. We buy our ingredients and play on. After five rounds we had not actually gone very far on the scoreboard… But I still was in the lead with one point. She always managed to get a mouse tail between me and her which made her get a free space on the cauldron track. We bought different ingredients and we both had good and bad rounds. Some worse than others… But it was still anyones game.

A picture of us playing the game all ingredients and player boards visible.

I haven’t played this game very much, but honestly… This did not look good for anyone of us. After 5 rounds she had seven points and I had eight. It did not look good.

Round seven was really good for me. I pulled ahead after her cauldron exploded violently and i took 6 points and just flew ahead on the scoreboard.
Then came round eight… I refer to round eight as “the incident”. Round eight was terrible for me. I got a white chip, then i got a pumpkin, then a white chip, and another white chip. I had no potions and my mandrakes were nowhere to be found! I exploded terribly! there was ooze from the cauldron everywhere! Well… it wasn’t but that is just because it is a boardgame and not real life…
All the while it took Karin 8 (!!!) chips before she even grabbed a white one! I just saw her playing more and more chips and looked at my exploded little wreck of a cauldron…
While I got 1 point… Karin got 10 points (with purple chips). This was not good. She actually overtook me on the scoreboard with one point (with no mouse in between).

The last round. It was even. Really even. I saw her play a purple, but I also played a purple so it was OK. Then she pulled another one. And another one! I had to push or she would win. This was not going my way… Lets just say that this was not going my way. She even rolled a point at the end which gave her another point!

A picture of my better half holding up the little sugarbowl after she won in the Quacks of Quedlingburg.
She was happy

She won, but only by two points. It was a close and terrible game. The few times I played this I never got this low a score. The white chips are fickle little bastards…
I have read that there are people complaining that if you fall behind there is no way to catch up. She did fall behind buy a few points and still won. But then again we only played a two player game. If we were more players it might look different. But then again… It wouldn’t be #mvkneverendingbattle

As always. Play more games!!!

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