Introductory games

What would you say is a good introduction to board games? I’ve heard many people say the Settlers of Catan as a good one. I don’t think I agree. The Settlers of Catan and I have a past. It’s a game that make me someone I don’t like to be. A cheap and angry bastard. The trades hardly ever works between players. I even had a friend that was offended that no one would trade 1 stone for 1 of his sheep after he tried to get 3 wood and 1 stone for 1 of his sheep. This and the robber… The robber is such a… GHAA!!! The robber mechanic is so infuriating.
The thing is, I actually like the game. But I would not recommend it as a first game for someone. I have gone from a game of Catan winning and felt worse than after a loss. That’s not right? Is it?
But I still play and like the game. Not as others though.

A picture of the Settlers of Catan. as the game is about to start.
Just about to start a three player game.

So what DO I think is a good introduction in to board gaming. A board game I bought a while ago that I actually found really entertaining and simple too teach and learn is Luxor.

Luxor is a game where you are delving deeper and deeper to finally get into a gravechamber and loot the sarcofogi. You do this in a spiral that goes towards the middle and on most of the steps you find treasures that you can grab by standing with a specific number of adventurers. Then you get points in different ways and so on.
This game to me introduces many things that are interesting and still in a very simple way. It introduces set collection. It introduces moving by cards, but ,not any card in your hand, specifically the ones at the end of your hand. It introduces some strategy elements. It introduces many different things in a easy way. That to me is a good introduction game.
To me the take that of the Robber and the rolling of dice to get materials in Catan is maybe a little outdated? Luxor is a much, much newer game so it is obvious that many things have evolved in board games over time. But still. I will write a post about Luxor later.

A picture of two meeples at the Luxor board.
In Luxor you get more adventurers by “jumping over” them on the board

Then there is the definition of board games. I like the “and such” part of this blog. Card games and party games are also a very good introduction to me. I have previously written about Star Realms, that is a really good intro game to me. You don’t need a board and much room to play it AND it almost fits in your pocket (depending on what clothing item we are talking about). You can take it with you wherever you go.

Then there are family games and so much more. This post could go on and on with different types of games, so I’ll just write down these two. But depending on who you want to get interested I actually think you should try a few different ones. And maybe not introduce someone you like too a “take that” game that you know really well, unless you are willing to teach them strategy and all that on top of the rules. the first time you play.

Some people like the randomness of dice and some hate it. This usually shows after you played a couple of different games though. Some people like to go head to head and destroy their opponent and some like cooperative. Some like a little mix between and some like deception games. Some like to solve mysteries and some like to strategize the best way to defeat you in a big battle of miniature figures. We are all different people and we like different things.
I try to like most things, or at least try too, because if you do, you’ll enjoy things more.

What do you think is a good introduction game?

As always. Play more games!!!

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