Not reviewing and #mvkneverendinbattle

First off I just wanna say that I will not make reviews of games on my blog. I will say what I think, but it will not be a review. I find myself way to unprofessional to review games. I play them because they are fun. If I don’t find them fun, I will not play them again. Depending on who I play with and what game it is, it might not be a good fit. A bad fit might give me a bad taste for the game, but I have the rule of three. I play each game at least three times before deciding what I think.
I might play the game in a wrong way the first time, but then I will try and make different choices the next time. It’s just how I am.

This is a hobby for me so why make it difficult and make myself someone I’m not. I will leave reviews to much better people and just try to enjoy the games. I do read reviews myself, but I am a bit weird, so I read them to see what the reviewer does not like, to see if that thing is something I like. But enough about something I won’t do…

My fiancee is alot smarter than me… But I think she became a little cocky after winning a few games in a row. So I decided to buy a sugarbowl and little cup for the second place for us to battle for. The battles are in different games. For now we played best of three in Star Realms, Star Wars: Destiny and Dominion. She won the first 2-1 the others I have won 2-0.
Next year my Plan is to do it in Seasons. A spring season and a fall season. I will try and come up with some prices for the winner of them and some a little bit more impressive trophies.
The plan for tonight is to play Quacks of Quedlinburg as my game and her next game seems to be Railways of the world. Those will be the last games this year and then I will try to make up the rules for the next year.
The rules for now are:

  • She decides one game and then I decide a game and so on.
  • If it is a game that takes under one hour to play we play best of three.
  • The first season will end july 1st and the second season will start september 1st (Sometimes we only want to play for fun…)

Do you have any tips for more rules, prices, trophy or anything else?

And as always. Play more games!!!

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