The anticipation of opening a new box.

You get a text “Your package has arrived at the delivery point”. I have been waiting for this moment for 5 days. I ordered the games a third time after the first place I tried to order from did not send the package for over a week, for the second time… So I have basically been waiting for this delivery for almost 3 weeks. The box holds 2 games, The Quacks of Quedlinburg and Race for the Galaxy. I have been reading up on these games as I do almost all games before I buy them. Two very different types of games but two games I have been looking forward to playing for a while.

The place where I pick up the game is 20 minutes by foot to get to. But I like to walk and it is a beautiful day out. 40 minutes of walking to get my games and a little walk on top of that, then coming home to unpack my games and go through the rules and maybe even try a game. Look up the solo mode for Race for the Galaxy and then cook dinner. My day has been made. I write this before I walk down to town to get my package just to draw out this feeling of anticipation and looking forward to open up the new games. I feel silly looking forward to things this much, but if it is a game I am really looking forward to and they are not to big, (there are those games to), it’s hard not to be a little giddy for me. Rule 32 of Zombieland is “Enjoy the little things”, and I see no problem with doing that without the zombie apocalypse.

Now I will put on a warm jacket and some shoes and go down to town to get my package and I will try to enjoy this day.

What little thing gives you enjoyment?

As always. Play more games!!!

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