Why am I doing this?

So why have I decided to make this blog? Well, I love board games. I started an Instagram account to display the games I played and try to inspire more people to play more board games and meet new people and… well. Play more games!!! And I realised that I want to say more about the games I play. More than a picture, because to be honest, how many of you go past the pictures and actually read what is written? (I try to do it. But not always…)
Everytime I play a game I realise something new. Maybe it is about the game. Maybe it is about the people you are playing with. Or maybe something completely different.

So I decided to start this blog and talk about my “adventures” in board games… and such. There are alot of different games out there and I would like to be including and not excluding. Is a card game technically a board game? As Samuel Gerard from The fugitive would say: “I don’t care”.

I would like to cover role playing games, card games, board games, games in between, party games, euro games, ameritrash games. All kinds of games! Even Monopoly! (Even though I do not think I would actually pay to play it…) This is the part about inclusion. There are alot of “gateway” games out there and I do not want to say “they are not real games” or “that game sucks”.
What I have learned from playing games for a couple of years is that, sometimes a bad game can still be fun with the right players. And sometimes a really good game can be really boring because you are not playing with the right players.
I am not saying that the wrong people are always the wrong people, but I know people who would actually love to play monopoly, and I know some people who would hate it. On the other side I know people who would love to play a really advanced euro game and I know people who would hate it. I like to play most games and see what makes them work, for me, or not. So to end this post on a happier note.

Play more games!!!

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